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Women are stockpiling tinted SPF serum they’re ‘absolutely in love with’

Women are stockpiling tinted SPF serum they’re ‘absolutely in love with’

Bali Body’s Tinted Super Serum SPF30 is finally back in stock!

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If there’s one skincare product we should all be using, it’s SPF.

But if you’ve ever had the displeasure of using one which leaves you with a noticeable white cast or that takes forever to rub in, you might have been put off applying it as often as you should be.

Thankfully, that’s where tinted SPFs come into play. And one in particular has been an instant sell-out.

So, if you missed out on this hero product he first time around, now is the perfect time to give it a try before it sells out again.

The Bali Body Tinted Super Serum SPF30 sold out but is now back in stock.
Bali Body

Priced at £30.95 Bali Body’s Tinted Super Serum SPF30 has all the benefits of a facial SPF combined with a hydrating serum, making it a true multi-tasker. And if you don’t like wearing a heavy foundation or makeup base on a warm summer’s day, this product gives the same kind of coverage that you might expect from a lighter skin tint.

But does the product really live up to the hype? Well, it certainly seems to, according to its many online fans, some of whom have already started stockpiling it before it sells out again.

Writing on the brand's website, one declared: "I've already ordered more so I don't run out," while another said she'd already ordered 'three more bottles' to avoid going without it.

It's available in two shades.
Bali Body

How does it work?

Available in two shades – Natural and Tan – the Bali Body Tinted Super Serum SPF30 contains a number of hydrating ingredients, which help to create a soft and supple canvas, to apply makeup or skincare on top of.

Not only is it enriched with hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin to retain moisture but it also contains ceramides, which prevent dryness, as well as peptides, which work to repair the skin barrier. Then there’s amino acids which have the benefits of improving skin texture and fine lines.

Both shades leave the skin with a radiant, glowy finish that helps to even out skin tone and reduce any redness on the skin.

And with SPF built into it, this means your skin will also be protected from UV rays and sun damage, which can both contribute to premature ageing.

Shoppers have been impressed by the results.
Bali Body

What are customers saying?

One happy customer took to the brand’s website to declare: “I got this bc my face is always lighter than the rest of my body and it matches so nicely. And it has spf in it and it doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s the product I've been looking for, for so long. It’s my new go to and will be 1,0000% repurchasing.”

While another added: “I was hesitant but this is so good I’m about to order more! My skin looks and feels amazing without being cakey and it does last me all day on a busy hospital ward. Very natural. Remember to shake the bottle and apply over well moisturised skin add some blusher and you’re good to go!”

The Bali Body Tinted Super Serum SPF30 is currently available from the brand’s website and Selfridges.

Featured Image Credit: Bali Body

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