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Woman sleeps with other men while boyfriend is away at work

Woman sleeps with other men while boyfriend is away at work

Zoe and Matt have opened up about their unusual dynamic

A woman has made the bombshell revelation that she sleeps with other men while her boyfriend is at work - and he's totally fine with it.

Of course, having multiple sexual partners as well as a long-term relationship is something that isn't for everyone.

But for Zoe Grey and her boyfriend Matt, it's something that works wonders for their relationship.

The pair have opened up about a little arrangement they both have, which sees Zoe, 31, being allowed to sleep with other men while Matt, 36, is out at work.

Appearing on the YouTube channel Love Don't Judge, Zoe and Matt revealed how they had only been dating a few months when he suggested that she sleep with other men.

"When you agreed to it I was happy with it, because I’ve spoken to you previously - I’d been cheated on [before], so I was quite happy to find someone who wasn’t going to cheat behind my back," Matt said to his partner.

Zoe and Matt's unconventional dynamic works well for them both.

With his seal of approval, Zoe began exploring her option and having sexual relationships with other men while Matt was out - but he wasn't completely left out.

“You’d send me pictures, videos,” Matt said, referring to Zoe as his 'personal porn star'.

"I ended up being involved in it [virtually]… It was like my own amateur porn."

Although Matt admitted that at times he has been jealous, he insisted that it’s a ‘nice feeling’.

"I wouldn’t say I’d never be jealous. It’s quite a nice feeling, even though it’s jealousy," he explained.

"Because at the end of the day you know you’re included, and you know you're coming home to me."

It didn't take long for Zoe to encourage her other half to do some indulging of his own and to explore sexual relationships with other women - but he was, at first, hesitant.

The pair now enjoy attending swinging clubs together.

"I never wanted to sleep with anyone else," he told Zoe. "You wanted to see me do it."

But now, the pair enjoy going to swinging clubs together and they'll both happily have sex with other people.

Speaking of their unconventional dynamic, Zoe, who now has a successful OnlyFans account, said: "Many people think it’s a form of cheating but it’s not because I don’t do anything behind [Matt’s] back."

While Matt added: "We hide nothing from each other - at all - because there’s no need. Like I say, there’s more trust in this relationship than I've had with all the others."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zoe_greybeauty

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