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Woman Discovers Partners Cheating Through Jewellery Order

Woman Discovers Partners Cheating Through Jewellery Order

This is shocking!

A small business owner caught one of her customers cheating on his partner after he placed a jewellery order with some suspicious details.

Liv Portio (@livportio), owner of DBL Jewelry, had viewers in shock when she shared the story on TikTok, suggesting it was only a matter of time before her cheating customer was caught out.

Watch the video here:

In the TikTok video, Liv writes: "Guys, I just received this email from a customer."

The email reads: "Hi Liv, I got an email and credit card charge saying I ordered a few pieces but I didn't. The address says it's going to my bf's house but he says he didn't order it. The name on the necklace isn't mine either. Please help me out. Ashley."

Maybe Ashley's partner is surprising her with a necklace, but forgot to charge the gift to his own card?

Oh, how we wishes that was the case.

In the process of making the order for Ashley's boyfriend, jeweller Liv revealed that he had ordered an engraved necklace with a different name on it.

In fact, the necklace he ordered has the name "Diamond" engraved on it.


She captioned the rest of her video: "Her BF used her credit card to buy these necklaces... They are being shipped to HIS house. But her name is Ashley. He didn't realise she got the order email confirmation. He also got an anklet with HIS initial."

Millions of horrified TikTok users tuned in to watch the drama unfold and quite a few had the same suggestion for Liv.

"I would've sent out an Ashley necklace instead of Diamond", read one comment.

"You should've given her the money back and then shipped him a necklace that said Ashley instead," another viewer suggested.

A third wrote: "I would have changed the name to Ashley lol and engraved on the back 'she knows' and sent it to her house at no charge."

But Liv was already one step ahead.


In a follow-up video, the small business owner said that she was able to confirm the order wasn't placed by Ashley so she was given a full refund.

Not only that, but Ashley decided to use the same jeweller to send her cheating boyfriend a message.

Liv told followers: "She's going to send him this break-up necklace so she doesn't have to see him again. It has her name, and on the other side, it's the girl he cheated on her with."

Liv even added in some bonus gifts to help poor Ashley heal from her break up.

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@livportio

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