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Woman Catches Tinder Cheat With iPhone Mistake

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Woman Catches Tinder Cheat With iPhone Mistake

One woman has caught out her Tinder match and accused him of cheating on his partner after noticing a small detail in a mirror selfie he sent to her.

The TikTok user, who goes by @hanna.o5 on the app very kindly shared her evidence with the group while sipping on a glass of red wine, warning other potential cheaters not to try the same thing.

See how she figured it out here:



Before showing off her stellar detective work, she wrote: "PSA: If you're cheating on Tinder and using a burner, don't send a mirror selfie."

Sharing screenshots from her conversation with her new match, Hannah showed her followers that the texts appeared as green on her phone - a clear sign that she was texting someone who doesn't have an iPhone.

If you didn't know, when a text message appears as green rather than blue, it means that they're being sent using SMS rather than iMessage.

In the screenshot, her message reads: "Omg these are green texts."


A few messages down, her anonymous match replies: "I'll be one with the blue gang soon," suggesting he soon planned on buying himself an iPhone.

The TikTok user noticed one detail from his photo. (Credit: TikTok/@hannah.o5)
The TikTok user noticed one detail from his photo. (Credit: TikTok/@hannah.o5)

But later, Hannah receives a gym photo from her Tinder match, and she can't help but notice that the phone in his mirror selfie is, in fact, an iPhone.

Caught red handed.


In the final screenshot, the TikTok user sends her match a text - still showing up as green - that reads: "What iPhone do you have? I need a new one," to which he absentmindedly replies: "I have the 12 I think."

Viewers were amused that her Tinder match had given himself away so easily.

"They just tell on themselves," wrote one viewer. "We literally don't have to do anything anymore."

Another commented: "Lmfaoooooo it's not even audacity.. how have they survived this long."


But some TikTok users argued that they wouldn't give their real number to a stranger from a dating app either.

She noticed that her Tinder match was lying about his phone. (Credit: TikTok/@hannah.o5)
She noticed that her Tinder match was lying about his phone. (Credit: TikTok/@hannah.o5)

One suggested: "Maybe he just didn't wanna get people from dating apps his real number? Women do it all the time man wtf."

Another added: "I give everyone on any dating app a burner number. I'm not cheating I'm just not dumb enough to give out my #."


Earlier, we told you about a woman on the other ending of the situation, who caught her partner 'cheating on her' after she suspected he was unfaithful.

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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