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Woman Mortified After Receiving Complaint Letter From Neighbour About Late Night 'Screaming'

Woman Mortified After Receiving Complaint Letter From Neighbour About Late Night 'Screaming'

Well this is rather mortifying.

A woman was left mortified after she received a complaint letter from her neighbour over her 'late night screaming'.

The woman, who wrote about her awkward experience on Mama Mia explained her and her boyfriend had been looking forward to moving into their own place together, so they could have 'loud, joyous sex'.

But sadly, it wasn't meant to be after they received a complaint letter from their neighbour the morning after one particularly passionate evening.

The couple received a letter the next day (

"My partner and I were about to go to bed when we spontaneously ended up having some rather passionate sex. And by passionate, I don't mean the slow, love-making, movie-esque sex where the only noises you hear are sighs and heaving panting," she wrote.

But, living in an apartment building in Melbourne, the woman explained the walls must be pretty thin, after their neighbour said they had been woken up several times due to all the 'screaming'.

The letter read: "Dear Neighbours, just a small request to please consider that we are all living in an apartment block when making considerable noise quite late at night and in the early hours of the morning. 

The woman said she was mortified (

"We have been woken up numerous times to very loud screaming and we are all working different hours, some with very early starts, so sleep is important. Thank you."

Oh dear.

The woman explained she was 'completely embarrassed', having assumed no-one would hear them.

Explaining that her and her boyfriend weren't really sure what to do about the problem, she came up with several options, including 'shoving a pillow in her face', only having sex in the day, moving to a rural property or simply being more mindful of their noise levels, which they decided on in the end.

The woman tried to come up with a number of different solutions (

"I don't want to p**s off my neighbours anymore so we are going to try to work on being more conscious of noise," she wrote.

"Even if that does mean slightly less fun sex and maybe a pillow to the face or two."

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