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Woman Reveals How 'Starbucks Helped' Her Discover 'Partner Was Cheating'

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Woman Reveals How 'Starbucks Helped' Her Discover 'Partner Was Cheating'

We've heard of partners being caught cheating all sorts of different ways, but we never thought we'd see the day someone gave themselves away through their Starbucks order!

TikTok creator Danielle Brown (@daniell3brown) told her followers that if it weren't for this Starbucks policy, she might never have caught her ex-boyfriend 'cheating'.

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We've all treated ourselves to enough coffees by now to know how the process goes; you order your drink, you give the barista your name, you pay, and you wait to be called.

This woman's partner didn't exactly think all of that through when he came home from a last-minute Starbucks visit.

Explaining the situation to her TikTok followers, Danielle recalled that her boyfriend at the time got home late and when she asked him where he had been, he simply told her he had gone out for a quick coffee - but there was much more to the story.


Danielle told her followers: "He goes upstairs, leaves his drink down, and I walk over to take a sip of it - because he didn't get me one, he just randomly went to go get coffee - and I look at it and of course this dummy went with his ex and they wrote her name on the cup because she obviously ordered their coffee.

"He came back downstairs and I was like 'Oh, so you went with your ex Brittany?', and he was like 'I don't know what you're talking about, that's not even how you spell her name. That's just the lady at Starbucks' name and she wrote her name on the cup', and I'm like...

"So I ended up taking the coffee and I threw it at him and I left."

If only that was where the story ended - the mortified TikTok user added that she took back her 'cheating' partner just one week later!

(Credit: TikTok/@daniell3brown)
(Credit: TikTok/@daniell3brown)

TikTok users were shocked when they heard Danielle's story, and couldn't believe that her ex tried to deny her accusations.

"Their cover up is always the best joke", commented one viewer.

Another asked: "Why can't boys admit they did u wrong 😫🥱They make sure an effort in making up a story denying it lmao."


Last week we told you about a girl who caught her boyfriend cheating on her when she saw something suspicious in a photo from his lads' holiday.

You can read about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/TikTok

Topics: Sex and Relationships, Starbucks, TikTok

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