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Woman Catches Partner 'Cheating' From Lads' Holiday Snap

Woman Catches Partner 'Cheating' From Lads' Holiday Snap

Never underestimate a suspicious girlfriend.

We should all be aware by now that girls are pretty much FBI detectives when they get a gut feeling.

One TikTok user didn't have to work too hard to discover that her boyfriend 'cheated' while he was enjoying a lads' holiday, after his friends accidentally exposed him.

Watch how she did it here:

In the clip, uploaded by TikTok creator @pets.hendrikse, Petra shares a screenshot of a text message exchange with one of her boyfriend's friends.

The best friend had thoughtfully sent Petra photographic evidence of her boyfriend in bed, presumably to confirm he was still alive and well after a night out.

Although his face is crossed out, we can see a photo of the girl's partner cosied up in his bed sheets. What a relief!

But on further investigation, something in the photo looks seriously out of place.

This woman caught her ex 'cheating' after this text exchange. (

Zooming in to the photo for her followers to see what she saw, Petra confirmed every partner's worst nightmare.

Sitting on top of the bed sheets, beside a pair of boxers, is an open condom.

TikTok viewers were horrified when they spotted it, and rushed to the comments to console her.

"He actually so lazy he just threw it on the bed and not in the garbage," wrote one viewer. "You dodged a bullet sis."

Others were convinced that the best friend sent her that photo on purpose to subtly warn her that she had been cheated on.

"His bestie got it on purpose to let you know," commented one viewer.

"The friends ALWAYS give subtle hints," wrote another.

The girlfriend spotted a condom on the bed. (

Soon after her TikTok took off, Petra made a follow-up TikTok to explain what had happened.

She told her followers: "My partner at the time went on a boy's trip to another country and this country had quite a substantial time difference. So I'd go a few hours without hearing from him. But this night, I think it was like 12 or 13 hours I hadn't heard from him, hadn't heard from any of his friends or anything. So I was starting to get a little worried, I was like 'where are you?'

"I messaged his friend during the night to see if any of them were okay and I still hadn't heard from the friend in the morning, so I double messaged and that's when the friend sent me the photo of the guy in the bed."

Even worse, she later admits: "I did take him back. Not proud of it... I did, but he's my ex now, so that's all that matters."

Good riddance, we say!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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