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Woman Finds Out Tinder Date Is A Cheat After Looking In Bathroom

Woman Finds Out Tinder Date Is A Cheat After Looking In Bathroom

She was furious!

This woman was furious after catching her Tinder date 'cheating' when she went for a root through his bathroom drawers.

Sharing the video to TikTok, creator Melyssa LaForce (@melyssalaforce) revealed her findings.

Watch the video here:

Viewers were shocked when they saw what Melyssa's Tinder date was hiding.

But others were furious that she had been bold enough to snoop through his drawers in the first place.

One person commented: "Nice to know people just go through your things when you invite people over."

Another suggested: "It could be a part relationship. I had my ex's stuff in my bathroom for ever. Just never got around to it lol."

"If you snooped my bathroom drawers, you'd definitely find similar things courtesy of my daughter. The rest of my house screams bachelor though," wrote a third.

However, Melyssa was quick to clarify: "Ya he said no kids and no GF"

This woman was shocked when she looked through her date's bathroom. (

Other viewers were happy to defend Melyssa over her bathroom investigation.

One insisted that it's standard practice writing: "Do they seriously think we don't check? LOL."

Another joked: "Nah 'those are my sisters when she comes to visit' ,my favourite line."

Some suggested that the TikToker should discreetly alert his girlfriend.

"Leave a note for her where only she can find it hahahahhaa" read one comment.

"Write a note under them in lipstick & Pluck a few long hairs and leave them on her stuff," suggested another.


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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Pexels

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