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Woman Has Best Response To Hinge Match's Chat Up Line

Woman Has Best Response To Hinge Match's Chat Up Line

That one had to hurt.

Since they first appeared in app stores, dating apps like Hinge, Tinder and Bumble have been used to try out all manner of pick-up lines, setting off countless eye-rolls and unimpressed groans from women around the world.

After receiving one too many chat up lines, Samantha Rumsey (@samrumsey) decided she'd had enough, and hit her Hinge match with a scathing response. While the move might have left her without a date, it did land her with a viral TikTok video.

Check it out here:

After matching with a man named Garrett, Samantha was hit with the opener: "What did the 10 say to the 6?"

Refusing to give Garrett a chance to finish his joke, Samantha quickly typed up a savage response, leaving her match at a loss for words.

Sharing the text exchange with her TikTok followers, Samantha wrote that she couldn't believe Garrett had "hit me with that unmatch", but struggled to wipe the pleased grin from her face.

Viewers were majorly impressed with Sam's work, taking to the comment section of her now-viral TikTok to praise her quick thinking.

"That’s what he get for using a pickup line", joked one viewer.

"He set himself up for failure", a second commented.

"I kinda feel bad but then again I feel like we all know where that joke was leading to, no wholesome punchline could be next", noted a third.

A fourth TikToker added: "Sometimes you can't not take advantage of a comedic opportunity."

Samantha did not hold back when texting her Hinge match.

Not only did Samantha's video rack up over 2,000 comments and 600,000 likes, but it has now been viewed more than 4.8 million times. So it was probably worth it, right?

Some viewers weren't too pleased with Samantha, though, and argued there was no reason to speak to her Hinge match like that.

"Didn’t have to do him like that bro", wrote one TikToker.

"Me personally, I wouldn’t take that kind of disrespect", commented another.

"But reverse the roles and it ain’t funny", pointed out a third.

Thankfully, most users saw the funny side. Some even admitted that Samantha's epic response would have made them like her even more.

Let this be a lesson. Stop using cheesy pick-up lines!

One amused viewer penned: "The way I would cackle if I was sent that."

A second confessed: "I woulda prolly fallen in love, that was a great delivery, 10/10."

And a third raved: "This is at least 10x more funny than whatever line was planned."

Samantha has had so much success with her first Hinge TikTok that she's started sharing more of her cheeky responses to matches, and viewers are loving it.

Let this be a lesson to all dating app fanatics: shoot your shot with a cheesy pick up line and risk going viral on TikTok!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@samrumsey

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