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Woman in 22-year age gap relationship shares 'traumatic' way her mum found out they were together

Woman in 22-year age gap relationship shares 'traumatic' way her mum found out they were together

24-year-old Sav has revealed how her mum found out she was in a relationship with a man who is 22 years old than her.

A 24-year-old woman has revealed the 'traumatic' way her mum found out that she was in a relationship with a man who is 22 years older than her.

TikTokers Sav, 24, and Mark, 46, got married last year after meeting through the dating app Tinder.

On their shared TikTok channel (@savandmark), the pair from Sydney admit that the parents from both sides are accepting of the huge age gap, but it wasn't easy when Sav's mum found out.

The couple did not directly tell Sav's mother, as she horrifically found the pair 'doing the deed' on a secret nanny cam.

While Sav was staying with her mum for a bit, she invited Mark round as mum went away for the weekend - and it is fair to say things didn't end well.

In a TikTok, she said: "Now how my mum found out... I was staying at her house for a few weeks and she went away for the weekend. I invited Mark over.

"Then I get a phone call from my mum who immediately says 'who is that man in my house?' So he packed up and left pretty quickly."

Things quickly calmed down though, as Sav says her mother saw how happy the couple were together.

Sav and Mark have a 22-year age gap.

"It was a bit of a rough start [being discovered on a nanny cam] but after a while she saw how happy we were and got past the trauma of seeing us together," she said.

"They all came to our wedding and they're happy we're together so everyone else should be too."

Luckily for the couple, telling Sav's father was a lot easier, with them saying they were surprised he was accepting of their relationship right away.

Sav said: "My dad worked across the road from the apartment blocks Mark was living in. And one day I was leaving at about 7am and bumped into my dad.

"We went and grabbed some coffee and I told him I was seeing a guy who lived in this apartment. He asked how old he was and I said, 'oh he's 40'. And he said, 'oh great, what's he like?'"

Sav was surprised by the positive reaction she received from her dad when she told him about the relationship.

Sav has admitted that she prefers older men, and her Tinder age was set up to match with men up to the age of 55.

On another TikTok video, she added: "There is a misconception that older men just want to get with younger women and they 'control' them but there are two people in this relationship and I make decisions with him."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@savsavagesav

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