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People Divided Over Bride's Extensive Wedding Rules

People Divided Over Bride's Extensive Wedding Rules

There's a lot to unpack here.

An extensive list of rules for wedding guests has divided the internet, with some people criticising the bride and groom, while others were in support of their demands.

A screenshot of the wedding rules was taken from Facebook and reposted in Reddit's 'Wedding Shaming' thread.

The first rule urges guests to refrain from asking about the wedding because “planning is stressful enough as it is”.

The couple then emphasise that the wedding “is not a class or family reunion” and will be semi-formal.

Guests are prohibited from posting pictures of the bride and groom on social media before they make their own posts, according to rule number five.

People who enjoy dancing at wedding receptions will have to take a note of rule six because twerking is wholeheartedly encouraged. Rule nine states: “If you are trying to attend to spectate and sit down all night this is not the event to do so.”

Wedding guests are encouraged to drink but to not get too drunk or cause a 'ruckus' (

The couple warn that there will be an open bar and if guests cannot handle their liquor or cause a ruckus they “will be removed promptly!”

If guests plan to avoid drinking, dancing or “having fun”, there are encouraged to not attend with reference to the other rules.

The DJ will not take requests, as rule 14 strongly states - and it is emphasised throughout the list -that if guests “do not like or support the bride and groom then do not attend.”

Some Reddit users criticised the list and the tone in which it was written. The final and 17th rule says: “Please note that the bride said what she said”, leading many Reddit users to assume it was the bride who wrote the list.

One person responded: “I like how she thinks she might be inviting people who don’t support the marriage etc. You would think with all those rules she would pick the guest list accordingly.”

A Reddit user joked about rule nine which states everyone must dance, writing: “I love 9. 'Sorry, Grandma., I know your cup’s bad, but I ain’t paying for you to spectate. Get twerking.!’”

The wedding rules were originally posted on Facebook (

One person criticised the rule about drinking alcohol. “I love how you're not invited if you don't drink alcohol. Sucks for all those people trying to quit drinking," they wrote.

And someone else replied: “Not to mention the previous rule of 'if you can't hold your liquor / cause a scene because of liquor you'll be promptly escorted out!' so you better drink! But don't be drunk!

"As someone who very rarely drinks, I would not only be upset that you forced me to do so to attend; but then on top of that I would be escorted out of I display any behavior indicative of drinking said forced drinks. LOVELY!”

However some Reddit responses supported some of the rules and said despite the tone they're actually quite common for weddings. One person said: “Ya know, I found myself agreeing with a number of these and now I feel absolutely horrible about myself for it.

"How can I approve of what she’s saying but loathe the post itself? Who knows, maybe the bride is always this abrasive and no one will even bat an eye. Yikes.”

The rules state that guests should dance (

Another Reddit account criticised the tone of the post but acknowledge that some of the rules were reasonable. “Yeah I’m madly torn bc on one hand, most of these rules are kind of commonly known rules and I appreciate having commonly known rules written out bc I am an idiot.

"On the other hand, the tone just is so grating. I’ll wait for wedding and post wedding rules to make my opinion lol.”

Someone else agreed, writing: “Yea, these rules were pretty much all implied for my wedding but not explicitly listed lol. We made it clear that we would not be offended if people left after dinner if the reception isn't their scene. We also banned the DJ from taking any requests haha.”

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