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Two married couples divorced so they could become polyamorous family

Two married couples divorced so they could become polyamorous family

The two couples became a 'polycule'

Two American married couples revealed they divorced in order to come together and create a foursome style marriage as a polyamorous family.

The foursome, which comprised of former married couple Rachel and Kyle Wright and married couple Yair Lenchner and his wife Ashley Giddens, broke down their traditional couples in order to form a polyamorous family living together in a 'polycule'.

Rachel and husband Kyle discussed the idea of polyamory on their first date.

Not only did the four have coupled date nights as well as dates as a four, but they also all lived together in a home in upstate New York.

In the US where marriage can mean taking on the finances of your partner, the couples also had open discussions around how this group relationship could work when it came to being a quartet. Both couples decided to divorce in order to then set up a group co-habiting and co-relationship status, allowing them to exist as a four with similar legal rights to their previous marriages.

For both couples, this was the first time they'd tried to become a polyamorous family, but the idea of dating in a non-traditional way had been something they'd considered individually.

The four lived as a 'polycule' in upstate New York.

Rachel and Kyle Wright had discussed the idea of polyamory when they first began dating, but it wasn't until 2019 and a few months into their marriage that the couple decided to truly pursue it.

Rachel, who works as a licensed marriage therapist in New York, identifies as bi-sexual so had wanted to be able to potentially experience an intimate relationship with a woman as well as her husband.

After being with her husband Kyle for six years in total, Rachel took the leap to download Feeld and pursue dating others outside her marriage. Kyle, who also came out as bisexual, did the same and in 2020 they matched and met up with Yair Lenchner and Ashley Giddens who shared an open relationship.

Rachel revealed the four have split down to three in February.

As the relationship progressed, in 2021 they began living together as a four in a 'polycule', and even completed their family set up with a puppy.

They took the legal step to divorce, before setting up their new foursome polyamorous family that allowed them all to be homeowners, share healthcare and finances and have equal legal rights to partners in a domestic agreement.

However, last month Rachel revealed on her Instagram that Kyle was separating and the four would now become a three.

Writing to her 27,000 followers, Rachel revealed: "I have a bit of a large life update to share.

"I know that what I share right now won’t be everything I will share on this topic. It’s still a bit raw — AND — it’s healed enough to share.

"Kyle is moving out and we’re de-coupling/de-escalating/ending our current relationship(s).

Ashley, Rachel and Yair are continuing their relationship as a three without Rachel's former husband Kyle.

"Yair, Ash, and I all have a very clear vision of our futures (including starting trying to get pregnant soon) and after some deep and vulnerable convos, Kyle has realized that he isn’t quite there yet, needs and wants to do some work on himself, and figure out who he is."

She added: "Is this permanent? I don’t know. Maybe.

"But, for now, and for the foreseeable future, Kyle will be living in Brooklyn and Yair, Ash & I are going to stay at our house."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thewright_rachel

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