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Woman finally secures proposal from twin's husband's twin

Woman finally secures proposal from twin's husband's twin

A pair of twin sisters have opened up about how they're making their once 'unattainable dream' a reality by marrying a set of twin brothers.

A pair of twin sisters have opened up about how they're making their once 'unattainable dream' a reality by marrying a set of twin brothers.

On episode one of season two of TLC's Extreme Sisters, identical twin sisters Jordan and Randi revealed how close they are to achieving their goal of marrying a set of twin brothers.

The pair met Daniel and Derek on a double date and instantly knew they were the men who could help them achieve their dream.

However, not everything has gone completely according to plan.

Jordan - who's married to Daniel - reflected how the twins never thought they'd meet another set of twins to pursue romantically.

She said: "Then the second we went on our first double date with Derek and Daniel I knew this was meant to be, that it was God sent.

"I knew that they were the men we were meant to be with."

Jordan and Randi have always dreamt of marrying another set of twins.
TLC/ YouTube

Jordan and Randi always used to live together until Jordan got engaged to Daniel and the pair bought their own house.

Randi's lease on her apartment is nearly up and she's been gradually moving her belongings into Jordan and Daniel's house.

But why isn't she moving in with Derek?

The two couples will eventually all live under the same roof.
TLC/ YouTube

The twin's dream of marring another pair of twins isn't quite there yet as Derek and Randi are yet to be married.

However, in a video uploaded to TLC's Instagram page four days ago, Randi confirmed Derek has finally proposed.

The two couples are now set to live altogether in one big house once Randi and Derek are wed.

Daniel reflects: "Most siblings I think would not prefer to live with each other past the age of eight, nine."

Derek adds: "The girls love it. I love this kid [pointing to Daniel] but I don't want to see him every day."

Derek and Daniel don't seem quite as convinced about the living plans.
TLC/ YouTube

But why did it take Derek longer than Daniel to propose?

The twin explained Randi was definitely 'in a little bit of a rush' after she saw her sister get engaged and wanted to 'be there, have that moment and everything that her sister had'.

However, Derek revealed the reason he waited a while longer to propose: "Because I've always wanted to plan it a little bit more, give it some time and take it from there."

Jordan and Randi have nearly made their once 'unattainable' dream a reality.
TLC/ YouTube

In the latest video of the sisters uploaded to TLC's Instagram page, Randi gets her braces removed, taking her sister to the appointment opposed to Derek.

As well as sharing a pair of brothers, the sisters also share the sensation of Randi's new teeth - Jordan licking her sister's teeth so she can get a feel of her brace-less top layer.

Randi and Jordan's once 'unattainable' dream may now be becoming a reality, but just because they're getting married, it doesn't mean they aren't each other's number one priorities still.

Featured Image Credit: TLC

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