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People Baffled By Tinder Match's Rude 'Fat-Shaming' Comment

People Baffled By Tinder Match's Rude 'Fat-Shaming' Comment

*Immediate unmatch*

People can't get over this woman's horrendous Tinder interaction after her match resorted to disgusting 'fat-shaming' comments.

TikTok creator Jessica (@jessielopresti) was left speechless when a man she had matched with on the dating app immediately questioned her about her weight.

Watch the video here:

Needless to say, TikTok viewers were just as shocked as Jessica, taking to the comments to discuss her Tinder match's ideal weight.

One follower asked: "120? This dude has absolutely no concept of a human body."

A second commented: "I weighed 120 in 6th grade"

Another viewer joked: "Dude literally just said he only wants children, I don't know any adults under 120."

Other followers were eager to reassure Jessica that her Tinder match's comments were disgusting, encouraging her not to take them to heart.

"Some people are straight trash! Keep your head up and be you," wrote one viewer.

"Have some human decency, who does that? I want to know if a date has ever happened because of an approach like this," said another.

The messages left people shocked (

Some couldn't help but notice that Jessica's 'Prince Charming' was hardly in a position to be judging appearances, considering his profile picture isn't even him!

Noticing the minor detail, one viewer wrote: "Ok but his pic is a Norwegian actor named Herman Tommeraas😂"

Another replied: "Literally!! like...a catfish...talking about someone's weight?? LMAO."

Looks like Jessica dodged a serious bullet!

Last week, we told you about another woman's Tinder nightmare, when her match decided to tell her everything she did "wrong" during their date.

There is way too much audacity on this app. (

The charmer in question even had a nerve to criticise Katie’s unbothered sarcastic responses, snarkily telling her she’ll be “single forever” when she dismissed his ridiculous ‘constructive criticism.'

And naturally, the women on TikTok were less than impressed with the interaction, as the video racked up nearly half a million likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

Tbh, if that's what Tinder consists of these days, we'd rather stay single...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jessielopresti

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