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Woman's Tinder Date Sends "What You Did Wrong" Messages

Woman's Tinder Date Sends "What You Did Wrong" Messages

Today in 'how do men have the audacity?'

A woman’s Tinder date had the sheer audacity to point out everything she did “wrong” after an ill-fated meet-up.

Taking to TikTok, @katielacie posted a transcript of the conversation she had with the charming gent after they went out.

You can watch the video here.

The charmer in question even had a nerve to criticise Katie’s unbothered sarcastic responses, snarkily telling her she’ll be “single forever” when she dismissed his ridiculous ‘constructive criticism’.

And naturally, the women on TikTok were less than impressed with the interaction, as the video racked up nearly half a million likes and nearly 10,000 comments.

“You just avoided a lifetime of missionary. He sounds *thrilling*,” one woman snarked.

“Why do these men keep thinking ‘being single forever’ is something other than a peaceful, wonderful life?! It’s an upgrade from most of this trash!” a second rightfully pointed out.

Cheers, mate (
TikTok - Katie Lacie)

“Black nail polish sales are going up because of this TikTok,” joked a third.

“Why do they act like they aren’t still single too?!” said a fourth, while a fifth said: “Men have been wildly misinformed on their market value.”

Others pointed out some more sinister undertones to Katie’s date’s behaviour.

“He intended to be manipulative from the start & didn’t expect you to not ask why so he threw in some low blows to gain dominance,” one person pointed out.

“He meant to say: ‘I didn’t find you subservient enough,’” a second noted.

Katie gave sarky replies (
TikTok - Katie Lacie)

In other dating news, one woman was left baffled after a date sent an ApplePay request for a paltry $4.

Taking to the comment section, people were quick to dub the man in question “pathetic” for requesting such a small amount of money from his date.

Thankfully, the woman in question decided that this behaviour was clearly unacceptable, and decided to school him on his privilege.

You can read more about this man’s audacity here.

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