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Woman Baffled By How Tinder Date Eats His Salad

Woman Baffled By How Tinder Date Eats His Salad

That's one way to eat your veg.

It's definitely important to get the recommended serving of five vegetables each day to stay healthy - but for one Tinder user, her date had a very unique way of demolishing his plate of greens.

TikTok user Sydney Kinney, who posts videos with the username @sydkinnn, shared a hilariously awkward video of her Tinder date eating his salad during their date.

Watch the clip below:

She captioned the video: "I met this guy on Tinder and decided to go on a date with him. This is how he ate his salad."

People in the comments couldn't believe their eyes after watching Sydney's date eat the salad with his hands while dipping each piece of lettuce into a metal container with the dressing.

One TikTok user joked: "He eats veggies!?"

While another person quipped: "Girl RUNNNNNN."

And a third commenter said: "I don't think she has to. My man is eating quickly to leave quickly."

The woman was left unimpressed by her date's salad eating technique (

However some TikTok user defended the man and claimed Sydney should not be on her phone in the middle of a date.

One woman said: "What's worse is people video their dates and putting it on TikTok."

Another person added: "Maybe he was trying to hurry to get the date over because you were on your phone."

While critiquing the TikToker who filmed the date, one person shared: "He’s being himself plus some cultures eat with their hands."

And someone else chimed in with: "Sometimes women are worried about the wrong thing."

What do you think?

Tinder and TikTok go hand-in-hand because another account on the video sharing app found ‘proof’ that her Tinder date actually had a girlfriend already.

 the unnamed woman decided to use the bathroom at her Tinder date’s apartment, before having a snoop around as you do.

There, she discovered what she considered to be clear evidence another woman lived there.

The girl thought the VO5 shampoo suggested a girl lived there (
TikTok - lifeisahighway420)

Pointing out some bright pink VO5 strawberry smelling shampoo, she then opened a second drawer, which contained a sparkly purple hairbrush, some skincare products and some dry shampoo.

However, it was assumed the pregnancy test that led the girl to believe that her date was ‘cheating.’

Her followers had lots to say about the ‘clues’ she found at the apartment. You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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