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Woman Realises She's Been Catfished After Spotting Key Detail In Pic

Woman Realises She's Been Catfished After Spotting Key Detail In Pic

Some brilliant detective work here.

Ladies, we know we always have to be careful on dating apps – but we regret to inform you that catfish are everywhere.

Well, one TikToker decided to use her detective skills after she spotted some strange behaviour from her Bumble match.

Watch the video below.

Fans flocked to the comment to praise @jjustjocelyn for using her analytic skills to expose a fraudster.

“My daughter won’t meet in person with a guy until they’ve FaceTimed first. GenX knows what’s up,” one person said.

“Honestly, Android is a red flag for me anyway,” joked a second.

“I matched with this guy also!” said another unlucky lady. “Lol same bs story.”

“That is an impressive observation,” a fourth person said, adding the hands clapping emoji for good measure.

A fifth person was thankful the TikToker flagged the uncomfortable story: “Wow! That’s so dangerous! That’s for this story, I just got bumble so I will be more attentive!”

The pair matched on Bumble (

Bumble themselves got involved, writing: “We’re so sorry to hear about this! We’ve found the member and permanently removed them.”

While one person in the comments pointed out that iPhone users can choose to turn off the iMessage function, Jocelyn replied: “Don’t use that as your only marker.

“The iMessaging thing wasn’t the first thing that tipped me off. He messaged me on Bumble asking to go to dinner and I asked him to text me ‘when and where’.

Jocelyn explained her theory on TikTok (
TikTok - jjustjocelyn)

“All he did text me is ‘hey, it’s Myles’. I was expecting him to say what day works for you or at least orchestrate a date.

“So when he didn’t, I was like, that’s weird.”

In a later video, Jocelyn said that her Bumble buddy stopped replying to her videos.

“I’m thinking he maybe saw the TikTok as you guys blew it up,” she said. “I do think he’s also using a messaging app like you said, because I did look up the number and there was nothing, not even a service provider.

“There could be a multitude of reasons why he’s not replying. If he’s looking for attention and I’m just trying to set up dinner, it’s probably not very fun for him.”

Ladies, be vigilant out there…

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - jjustjocelyn

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