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Woman went on spontaneous first date, got drunk and ended up flying to Paris

Woman went on spontaneous first date, got drunk and ended up flying to Paris

We've all heard about Emily in Paris but what about Evelina in Paris?

A woman has explained how her first date with a man led to them getting drunk and flying to Paris.

It may sound like the plot of a Netflix rom-com but it really did happen to 22-year-old Evelina Parkere.

The influencer and her date and acquaintance - who does not want to be identified - took the idea of a spontaneous date to a whole new level when they boarded a flight to the City of Love on Sunday, 13 November.

The pair had met for a few drinks in Riga, Latvia, where they both live. After a few bottles of champagne, the pair decided to go to the airport and get the first flight across Europe.

They spent just over 24 hours exploring the streets of the French capital and drinking champagne under the sparkling Eiffel Tower, before returning home.

This romantic excursion actually came to fruition thanks to a bad day at work. "It started with a drama at work, I really wanted to escape from everything so I sat on my kitchen floor with a bottle of wine," Evelina explained.

"I had met this boy a few times at events and things, but never really spoken properly, but I decided to message him and say 'Hi, I have a problem, do you want to listen?'.

Evelina and her date wandered around the streets of Paris.

"He just said 'let's do it' and so we ended up going for drinks and champagne - I felt so comfortable with him immediately."

Evelina described what happened next as being 'surreal' and 'like a dream' and we can totally understand why.

"We got really drunk and I don't know where this came from but I just suggested going to the airport, booking the first flight and going, and he immediately just said 'let's do it'.

"Within 30 minutes, we were at the airport looking at flights. The first one was to Paris early in the morning, so we booked it, slept six hours in the airport, and just went.

"The whole thing was so surreal, I was tipsy and tired as well, but it was a dream."

Evelina and her date flew out to Paris at 6:00am on Monday 14 November, before returning at 5:00am on Tuesday 15 November.

The couple didn't waste a minute of their time in the city of light - going without sleep for their entire stay.

Evelina said: "We didn't care about all the touristy stuff, we just walked around, drank loads of champagne and had so much fun.

The pair spent most of the trip drinking champagne.

"I think the fact we were in a different country meant we didn't care so much and I could be more myself.

"My phone was dead the entire time and I just didn't care, it was nice to escape and be 100 percent myself.

"When it got to around midnight I thought we should go back to the hotel and get some sleep before our flight home, but he said 'no, we're in Paris, let's go to the Eiffel Tower.'

"It was so romantic, it was dark and there wasn't a single other person there.

"We sat on the ground, listened to old French music, danced, twirled around, sang, played games and just messed around - we maybe shared a kiss also.

"When we came back home I had the worst hangover, but it was worth it.

"I haven't been on a lot of dates, but I know this is my favourite - I'll remember it forever."

Since their trip, the pair have seen each other again, this time staying in Riga, and are in continuous contact.

We're booking tickets to Paris ASAP!

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