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What Does Pressing Down On A Woman’s Stomach During Sex Do? TikTok Trend Explained

Gabriella Ferlita

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What Does Pressing Down On A Woman’s Stomach During Sex Do? TikTok Trend Explained

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TikTok has become the number one social media platform for weird and wonderful trends to gain popularity. The latest trend to crop up on the platform involves gently pressing down on a woman’s stomach during sex, but what exactly does it do?

What is the TikTok trend “pressing down on a woman’s lower stomach during sex”?

Thankfully, the trend doesn’t see women having their stomach pushed during the act of sex on TikTok, but rather a nurse explaining a “sex fact” about what pushing down on the woman’s stomach during sex can help the woman to achieve in bed.

The nurse, who goes by the name of @love.ria.nurse on TikTok, explains in her video that “pressing down on a woman’s lower stomach during sex can help stimulate their G-spot from the outside.”


Check out the nurse’s TikTok video below:


Can pressing down on a woman’s stomach during sex really stimulate the G-spot?

I’m sure that video has left you wondering whether pressing on a woman’s stomach during sex can really stimulate the G-spot. So, Tyla have enlisted the help of experts like Clinical Sexologist, Ness Cooper, and Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare doctor, Dr. Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Pharmacy, to weigh in on the subject.


Cooper, who works as a Sex and Relationship Coach at www.thesexconsultant.com, says that “external pressure can work really well” to activate the G-spot and provide those leg-shaking orgasms we all want.

She says: “We can be a bit too focused on penetration and forget the pleasure possibilities of stimulating elsewhere on the body.”

“We have to remember that the mind plays a big part in what we find pleasurable or not and that some people can just mentally enjoy the added stimulation of other parts of the body and this can lead to orgasmic feelings and sensations in itself,” she tells Tyla.

Cooper went on to agree that “putting pressure on the lower stomach can lead to G-spot stimulation” because of the closely-linking “connective tissue that runs over the abdomen and pelvis area, including the vagina and clitoris”.


“When one area of [connective tissue] is massaged, it can stimulate other muscles and organs connected to it. This may be one reason why massaging this area stimulates the G-spot and clitoris indirectly,” Cooper explains.

However, Dr. Lee believes that this TikTok trend is actually referring to a “coregasm”, which is an exercise-induced orgasm.

She tells Tyla: “Pressing down on the stomach, if you are in a state of relaxation and thinking erotic thoughts, could be enough to activate the vagus nerve and set off a coregasm.”

“Coregasms are orgasms that occur when nerves involved in the sexual response are stimulated by other means,” like physical activity, or surprisingly, even sleep!


How hard should you press down on a woman’s stomach during sex and where?

Despite the TikToker being so candid with her sex facts on TikTok, many users shared that they were unsure of how hard to go about pressing their partner’s stomachs (or even their own), and where the best spot is to press.

Cooper suggests that “exploring slowly” with your partner, or even on your own, is the best way to try this TikTok trend, “as sometimes muscles have sensitive trigger points that can cause discomfort.”

“Massaging the pelvic mound and above works for many and using the palm of the hand can apply a good amount of controlled pressure,” she suggests, while also noting that the use of massage oil or a candle can help “make the experience more sensual”.


She adds: “If you don’t want to use your hand, you can lie on your front with a pillow under your pubic mound and lower abs and grind against it to stimulate the area.”

The latter tip would work well with front-lying positions like Doggy Style, and The Speed Bump, where you can use a pillow under your hips to stimulate the G-spot externally.

However, Dr. Lee instead advises that you “wouldn’t need to press hard on the stomach” to achieve a true “coregasm”.

“Coregasm occurs due to a combination of erotic thoughts, relaxation, and deep breathing, all of which stimulate the vagus nerve. At the right moment, a light touch on the abdomen, if you are in the right state of mind, may be all that is needed for an orgasm to occur.”

If you want to try achieving an exercise-induced orgasm, Dr. Lee suggests “a 20-minute cardio session.”

She continues: “Then follow this with plenty of lower abdominal exercises, which mean you need to contract your core abdominal muscles – this would include leg lifts, pull-ups and climbing exercises. Exercise-induced orgasms are more likely to happen after a demanding workout.”

Whichever route you decide to go down, sheet-clenching G-spot orgasms are definitely achievable with this TikTok trend. Happy exploring!

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Gabriella Ferlita
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