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People left confused by couple's bizarre gender reveal

People left confused by couple's bizarre gender reveal

A pole dancing gender reveal left Reddit baffled as no one could work out the baby's gender

A couple has baffled the internet by sharing a video of their unusual pole dancing gender reveal.

Now, as we all know, gender reveals can and do go wrong, but very rarely do they leave people wondering what gender a baby has been assigned at birth.

The footage of the unusual reveal was posted to TikTok by @mariap_poledance, and it was later reposted to the Reddit subthread TikTok cringe, which showcases the best and worst of TikTok.

The video was posted in the cringe category on Reddit and captioned: "That’s one hell of a gender reveal party."

This comment was definitely reflected on TikTok itself where the original video has been viewed over four million times, however, the comments section was turned off.

But this didn't stop people on Reddit from weighing in on the unusual gender reveal.

One Redditor wrote: "So what gender was it? Or was it twins, boy/girl? I have so many questions."

"So it's a…." joked a second, while a third wrote: "I mean that's better than starting a wildfire with pyrotechnic devices or killing one of your guests with a homemade cannon."

"There's something… off about seeing a bunch of half naked beautiful flexible women spinning around a pole, then fast cut to the husband tenderly beautifully kissing his wife on her cheek, [sic]" wrote a third viewer.

A fourth questioned: "I mean they are both very talented and this is original but just... why?"

Many people had no idea what the gender was.

However, while many were ultimately left baffled by the reveal, others saw it as a great showcase of the two women's pole dancing skills.

One wrote: "Dang! Those girls are talented!"

"The mom is one the best pole dance teachers in her country, she has her own pole dance school," revealed a second. "She's very sweet and talented person. The girls dancing are her students, she's just very proud of them [sic]."

It was later revealed on the pole dancer's TikTok that this unusual part of the gender reveal was simply part of the celebrations and the big reveal itself was more traditional.

The parents-to-be popped a ballon that asked 'Boy or girl?' only to reveal blue confetti, and they were delighted at the news they'll be having a boy.

It's a boy!

The news went down a storm with the dancer's TikTok followers, who were quick to post messages of congratulations.

"The best gender reveal i’ve seen in a long time, that was awesome! Congratulations," praised one viewer.

"I personally love this! You're a dancer and it's super creative and unique," wrote a second. "Congratulations beautiful [sic]."

What do you think of the reveal? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mariap_poledance

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