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Experts have revealed exactly why you should never wear red to a wedding, and the reason is blowing people's minds.

From not wearing white to RSVP-ing on time - there seem to be a whole load of rules when it comes to wedding attire and there's now seemingly one more you need to add to the list.

So, even if it's go-to colour and even if you look absolutely stupendous in a head-to-toe rouge number - you may want to avoid it for your next wedding guest get-up.

For anyone with a summer wedding coming up on the horizon - be sure to avoid red as two experts of all things weddings have explained exactly why the colour should be avoided.

Experts have revealed why wedding guests shouldn't wear red.
Bruno Salvador / Pexels

Beth and Georgie from The Unfiltered Bride Podcast on TikTok discussed colour-etiquette when it comes to wedding fashion choices.

Host Beth asked: "So are there any other colours apart from white you shouldn't wear at a wedding?", to which Georgie answered: "Yes. Red."

According to the expert, wearing red to a wedding has a scandalous age-old symbolism.

"Red means you've slept with the groom," Georgie continued.

Big yikes.

The pair discussed the 'old wive's tale' surrounding the colour theory.

She added: "[It's an] Old wives tale but yeah, if you wear red. To me, I don't think that I would rule out red as a colour. I think it depends on the dress."

The pair went on to note that wearing the colour red to a wedding, even without the superstition, could be interpreted as slightly provocative.

"I feel like red can be seen as quite sexy," Beth said.

"Like a bit 'look at me'," Georgie echoed.

The podcast clip has since clocked over 1.2 million views on the platform with many users stunned to learn about the ancient symbolism attached to wearing the colour red at wedding ceremonies.

People had no idea about the rule.

One TikTok user said: "My Mum told me the no go colours for a wedding guest (in the UK at least) are - White, Black, Red and Navy."

A second said: "I always thought you shouldn’t wear red because it’s so flashy."

A third explained: "Red is because the eyes are naturally drawn to it so it takes attention and eyes away from the bride."

"Omg lol I wore red to my brother’s wedding," revealed another, "I have never heard this before!"

And a fifth echoed: "I had no idea this was a thing!"

What do you make of it?

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