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Love Life In Crisis? You Can Blame Saturn Returning

Love Life In Crisis? You Can Blame Saturn Returning

Sorry babe, it's written in the stars.

Struggling with your partner in the romance department at the moment? Well, it could mean that you’re literally a pair of star-crossed lovers.

Saturn Return is the astrological occurrence that can particularly affect those in the late 20s and can manifest in life-altering ways.

Saturn could be causing chaos in your love life (
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Tyla spoke to a couple of experts about how the planet could be affecting your love life.

Tiffany Crosara, a winning Inner Transformation Specialist, says: “Saturn Return is an astrological event that occurs every 27 to 29.5 years, when the planet Saturn returns to the sign and degree that it was at when you were born.”

Tiffany also includes a very important disclaimer: “I have Saturn conjunct my Sun so I am destined for a strong one! Not everyone has such a strongly felt Saturn Return, it depends on where it is in your chart.”

So, how will this affect your love life specifically, depending on whether you’re single, taken, or it’s complicated.

Saturn Return takes place roughly every 27 to 29.5 years (

Firstly, let’s look at the single people in the room. Tiffany explains that Saturn is the planet of maturity, so expectations around maturity may start to pick up the pressure. 

“You may start to feel a sense of urgency around settling down, finding "the one" and having children. You may see all your friends around you doing this and that could increase the sense of urgency, isolation and depression, the trick is to look within - get to know yourself, you are changing and take the time to get to know yourself again.”

If you're single and happy, no need to stress (
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What about if you’re desperate to meet someone, though? If your life is a bit of a mess, it still won’t work out says Francesca Oddie, astrologer and podcaster.

Francesca says you’re unlikely to meet anyone if you haven’t got your life in order and you don’t know who you are. But if you do meet someone, then “all they will do is hammer home your existing issues and make you so miserable that you realise you need to change.”

Francesca also explains what Saturn Return means if you’re in a relationship, particularly a long-term relationship.

“Two things will happen. If the relationship is good for you and you are living your truth; i.e. you are in love and not just doing what your parents want or society expects of you, then the commitment level will increase," she says.

"For instance, you’ll move in together, buy a house, get married or have a baby”.

It might be time to reevaluate your relationship (

However, what if things are a bit rockier?

“If you’re in a relationship and you’ve been too weak to leave, or to admit to yourself that you aren’t happy because they are a top lawyer, very attractive or simply, breathing and you think that’s enough because you are 29 and 'it’s time to settle down,' then the relationship will become unbearable, you will be depressed and one of you will end it," Francesca explains honestly.

Harsh words but fair.

Think it’s time to look at the planets and start clearing out your romantic baggage.

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