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Influencer explains why she and her partner don't sleep in the same bed together

Influencer explains why she and her partner don't sleep in the same bed together

Chloe Szepanowski sleeps with her two children by her side, rather than her partner.

While most couples that live together will often sleep in the same bed every evening, others do things a different way.

Whether that is due to the horrendous snoring taking place every night from the other half, or one particular side being a bit of a fidgeter under the covers - they all have their reasons.

One person who takes to a different bed to her partner each evening is model and influencer, Chloe Szepanowski.

Chloe has been with partner, Mitch Orva, for eight years now and even share two children together - Arti, two, and Sunny, nine months.

On Instagram, Chloe often posts snaps from her seemingly 'perfect' family life - but as is so often the case with the social media app, it paints a different picture to what is going on IRL.

As part of an Instagram Q&A, one follower asked: "How is Mitch & your relationship since expanding your family," to which Chloe replied: "It's never perfect!"

The couple do not share the same bed.

She then went on to discuss the bed situation, which has certainly changed quite a bit after they welcomed their two young sons.

Chloe revealed she does not sleep in the same bed as Mitch as Arti and Sunny often sleep with her.

"We argue, get disconnected, he sleeps on the couch majority of the nights (cause he sleeps better)," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

"Sleeping with two kids he says he sleeps like a Labrador HAHAHA."

She added to this further with another question from a follower who asked if she shares a bed with her children.

Chloe wrote: "Yes! Sunny starts in his cot in his room and around midnight comes in to bed (I breastfeed) and Arti currently sleeps in our bed still.

"We ordered his bunk bed - it just hasn't arrived yet so we will do the transition soon."

The whole Q&A was a whole honesty affair, with Chloe saying she wants to share the information with her followers because it's 'just straight truths'.

Chloe instead sleeps in the same bed as her two sons.

Fans of the influencer have praised her for this, with many citing apps like Instagram can be full of lies.

Chloe even opened up about her sex life with her followers in a follow-up story.

"We juggle the household and kids and if there's any time at night we will watch something or give each other a massage, have a bath, get frisky," the mum wrote.

"And then other nights we wanna watch our own shows or do our own things.

"It's a wild ride, but we doing it together at the end of the day. It becomes almost a mutual understanding and we take what we get."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@chloeszep

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