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Sugar baby says older men pay her to go on dates and travel the world

Sugar baby says older men pay her to go on dates and travel the world

Charlotte Davies said she feels more respected by her sugar daddies than her ex partners.

A sugar baby says older men pay her to go on dates with them and to travel the world.

Charlotte Davies, 24, from Ealing, West London, began casually last summer after ending an eight-year relationship until she was inspired by a TV series that explores the ‘sugar baby’ lifestyle.

The social media marketing executive started using an app that connects women with men who are willing to pay hundreds for dinner dates, trips abroad and sex.

So far, Charlotte has been on trips to Paris and has travelled first class, as well as being given £200 per date.

Charlotte's eight-year relationship came to an end before she became a sugar baby.
Kennedy News and Media

Charlotte says that her cohort of 10 rich businessmen and bankers are ‘really nice people’ and she enjoys the ‘benefits of a traditional relationship with the commitment’.

She goes on two dates with her sugar daddies a week and says she enjoys boosting their self-esteem

"I feel like the kind of vibe you have with a lot of these people is that it's almost like a friends-with-benefits type situation. It's a very mutually beneficial agreement," she said.

"They're all really nice people, and they're normally quite a bit older than me. A lot of them are in their late thirties, up to their forties. I dated one guy once who was 63.

"Sometimes they'll take me shopping and pay for everything, or take me to spas, and I actually went to Paris a few weeks ago.”

Charlotte's sugar daddies have taken her on holiday.
Kennedy News and Media

Charlotte loves travelling and says she enjoys helping the ‘socially awkward’ men open up as they do tend to be ‘quite lonely’.

"Travelling is something that I love anyway that I can't afford to do a lot of the time, so it was really lovely to have everything paid for - plus getting paid to travel, which is amazing.

"A lot of them are a bit socially awkward and shy, so it can be a bit of a challenge to get people to open up, but it's something that I enjoy trying to do.

"At the same time as well, it makes me feel really good and confident seeing these people. The guys I meet up with are all so complimentary, and I think maybe it comes from the fact that a lot of them have quite upsetting home lives or are quite lonely.

Charlotte plans to carry on her sugar baby lifestyle for the foreseeable future.
Kennedy News and Media

Charlotte isn’t planning on ditching any of her sugar daddies anytime soon, but she would if she fell in love and entered into a long-term relationship.

In the meantime, she’s happy saving up for more holidays and a house in the future.

"I'm saving for more travel trips in the future and saving to buy a house one day, and it's massively helping me," she explained. "I would definitely say that it's something I really enjoy. I can't see it stopping anytime soon.

"The only thing that would make me stop would be if I met someone who I wanted to be in a serious monogamous relationship with.

"If so, I'd end my arrangements with my sugar daddies. Until that happens, it's something that really suits my way of life right now.”

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