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Gran celebrates her first wedding anniversary with 25-year-old husband

Gran celebrates her first wedding anniversary with 25-year-old husband

The couple are defying trolls online

A grandmother is defying online trolls who criticised her relationship by celebrating her first wedding anniversary with her 25-year-old husband.

Cheryl McGregor, 62, married her partner Quran McCain, 25, in September 2021 and thanks to their 37-year age gap, they've been subject to a pretty heavy wave of hate ever since.

The happy couple regularly post about their relationship on TikTok, and even live streamed their wedding ceremony for their millions of followers.

A year on from the big day, Cheryl and Quran seem more loved up than ever and used their wedding anniversary as an opportunity to shut down any critics who told them it wouldn't last.

Taking to his popular TikTok page, caretaker Quaran shared some cute snaps of him and Cheryl, accompanied by the words: "You guys will never work. She's 62 and you're 25."

It then reads: "Us a year later happily married."

He dedicated the caption of the sweet video to his wife, writing: "God couldn't have made you more perfect."

Despite the nice gesture, Quaran and Cheryl's viewers still had a pretty split response. While some people used it as another opportunity to slam the couple, others were thrilled for the pair.

One judgemental viewer commented: "No way he's being forced".

"Isn't this illegal?" asked another.

Meanwhile, one supporter raved: "Ok that’s kinda cute", as another insisted: "You guys are meant for each other."

A third wrote: "Those pictures are beautiful I believe you guys are a perfect match."

And a fourth assured them: "Idk why every one is hating on you. Like so what, age is just a number. Y’all are amazing."

The couple first started dating back in 2020, when Quran met Cheryl working as a cashier at a convenience store in Georgia, US. Their relationship took off immediately and within the year, they had tied the knot.

In another news, another unconventional couple went viral on TikTok after opening up about their 42-year age-gap relationship.

Jackie, 27, and Dave, 69, recently hit out at their own share of trolls who claim that Jackie must be using Dave for his money.

The couple, who've found fame on TikTok, met online back in 2016, when Dave was visiting Jackie's home in the Philippines from the US.

After connecting online, Dave asked Jackie out to coffee and the rest is history, with the pair tying the knot three years ago.

However, after the pair began to share insights into their age-gap relationship on social media, they were quickly targeted by online trolls, who said Jackie only wanted Dave's money.

You can read more about Jackie and Dave's story here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kingqurannewpage

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