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Brothers slammed for posting video sharing long list of ‘turn offs’ in women

Brothers slammed for posting video sharing long list of ‘turn offs’ in women

The Edmonds twins have been called out for their sexist TikTok, with the boys even criticising what cars women drive.

A pair of TikTok twin brothers have come under fire after sharing a long list of turn-offs for women on TikTok.

Perth-based content creators Jackson and Joseph Edmonds took turns as they revealed their extensive list of turn offs, including what car their potential date drove.

While it’s good to have high standards in dating, we are not sure anyone could fulfil their wish list with the twins being called out for their bad behaviour online.

You can listen to their baffling list below (it contains some strong language):

The list worryingly becomes more insane as it goes on.

Surprisingly, top of their list of turn-offs was women who drive large cars such as utes and Heliluxs as the 21-year-old brothers claimed it was one of their ‘big non-nos’.

“Come on man, just doesn't look good, no hate,” they said in the short clip.

Though most of us are looking for a partner who is kind or compassionate, apparently a Suzuki Swift is the way to these boys’ hearts.

The twins had an extensive and pretty insane list of turn offs.

Tall women are also out, as the brothers believe it would be embarrassing for them to look up at their other half.

"It’s not going to work out in the long run, makes us look like a b****, it's not going to happen," they said with a smile as they explained the ridiculous point.

Other complaints included women who were ‘too smelly’, ‘too loud’ or wore ‘too much make up’, as they told viewers it would make them ‘turn the other way’.

Also known as @edmondstwins on the platform, the brothers have been called out for their sexist TikTok video and even made international headlines for their very particular dating preferences.

The viral video has hundreds of women reacting in the comments.

The original video has also gone viral, being viewed over 351,000 times and with people

Claiming in the comments that the twins couldn’t 'handle independent secure women'.

While they claim it’s ‘just a TikTok’, users have angrily responded with one writing: “I think you guys just feel a lil threatened by big boss bitties driving big boss cars ahah.”

Others agreed, saying that they were thankful they drove a ute, just so they didn’t have to deal with the brothers’ sexist behaviour.

There’s even been people criticising how the brothers dress after hearing their extensive complaints about women’s dress sense.

“How are they talking about turn offs when one of them is wearing a jay jay Christmas co-ord?” wrote another vexed viewer.

We guess clothes don’t maketh the man.

UNILAD has contacted a representative for the Edmonds twins for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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