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People Are Sharing Their Biggest Icks When It Comes To Dating

Lisa McLoughlin

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People Are Sharing Their Biggest Icks When It Comes To Dating

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We’ve all been there – a potential suitor who we have high hopes for suddenly has done something that’s made our skin crawl and all sexual attraction has gone out the window.

It may not be anything even bad, but for whatever reason, it’s such a deep-rooted turn-off that we can no longer engage in any romantic interactions or flirtations. It is a terrible infliction known as the 'ick'.

Yet, we need to be reminded that the 'ick' is a two-way street and it’s not only the object of our affection that can inflict the feeling but us too. We know it’s hard to admit.

People are sharing their 'icks' on Twitter. Credit: Pexels
People are sharing their 'icks' on Twitter. Credit: Pexels

And now many are sharing on social media the hilarious reasons they’ve been turned off by someone they previously fancied from finding their own jokes funny to crying when One Direction broke up in a series of statements all starting: "She's a ten but...".

Airing his 'ick', one gentleman penned on Twitter: "She’s a ten… but she sleeps all damn day".

“She’s a ten but her humour makes no sense to anyone but herself," another shared.

A third shared: "She’s a ten but she audibly gasps whenever she hears a Taylor Swift song playing while out in public."

"She’s a ten but she uses goggles in the pool,” another quipped. “She’s a ten but she bites the skin off her lips when she’s anxious."

A fifth added: "She’s a ten but she thinks coffee is a meal".

"She’s a ten but she cried when 1D broke up," a Twitter user posted. Wow, these are brutal.

Recently, dating expert Anna Williamson revealed how to come back from ‘the ick’ no matter what your situation. 

"There’s nothing worse than meeting that special someone and then suddenly seeing them begin to pull away,” she told female hygiene brand WooWoo. "If the ick does start to kick in its far better to deal with it quickly by communicating.

"If you don’t like the way they leave their socks on the floor, tell them. If their personal hygiene isn’t as great as you’d like – have fun with it! Take them into the shower, get intimate and wash each other. 

“You can use this as an ice breaker to talk about their hygiene and what you do and don’t like.

"Most importantly, be honest and kind to your partner. You never know, you might have some habits they’re not keen on either."


Anna concluded by saying that building a relationship on trust, especially during the early days, will give you a much better chance of surviving those more significant hurdles down the line. 

So as awkward as it might be telling your SO to stop with their bad habits, it’s far better to be upfront rather than breaking up with them for picking their nose. 

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Lisa McLoughlin
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