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Couple divorce after discovering both had online affair with each other under fake names

Couple divorce after discovering both had online affair with each other under fake names

They couldn't believe it when they met up

Cheating is arguably the biggest betrayal that can happen in a relationship, and while some couples can get over infidelity, it is not common.

But one divorced couple's cheating story from 2007 will have you wondering if their relationship was simply meant to be.

Why? Well, because they broke up after discovering that they were both cheating with each other online - they were simply doing so under different names.

Sana Klaric and Adnan from Zenica, Bosnia, embarked on a digital affair with each other after 'meeting' on a forum.

The names they used were Sweetie and Prince of Joy, and the pair bonded over their respective marital problems without realising that they were actually married.

The whole incident went down in 2007 when it was less common to have photographs of yourself online.


After sharing their respective problems, the pair proceeded to fall for each other, and unsurprisingly, this is when the unbelievable truth was unveiled when they agreed to meet in person.

Sana told a newspaper at the time: "I thought I had found the love of my life.

"The way this Prince of Joy spoke to me, the things he wrote, the tenderness in every expression was something I had never had in my marriage."

The pair agreed that when they met in person, they'd both be carrying a rose so they could identify each other.

However, when they realised what had happened, despite doing the dirty on each other, Sana said she felt all the betrayal that comes with being cheated on.


Adnan, meanwhile, said he couldn't believe that his wife was the person he had been talking to so fondly online.

"To be honest I still find it hard to believe that the person, Sweetie, who wrote such wonderful things to me on the internet, is actually the same woman I married and who has not said a nice word to me for years," he said.

While it may have been possible for the pair to work through their differences, they couldn't get over their troubles - and that meant accepting that it wasn't meant to be with their online aliases too.

On the subject of cheating, studies have found that if a person cheats once, they have a 350 percent higher chance of doing it again compared to a person who has always been faithful.

So maybe this couple were right to call it quits.

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