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Couple with 22-inch height difference get asked ‘all the time’ if they have issues during sex

Couple with 22-inch height difference get asked ‘all the time’ if they have issues during sex

Brooke Dostillio and Dylan Painter are always asked about how 'it' works and how their 22-inch height difference affects intimacy

Tall men are always hugely sought after on the dating scene and for one couple, their height difference is the only thing strangers ask them about.

Brooke Dostillio, 25, and her boyfriend, Dylan Painter, 24 say they’re perfect together - because 'opposites attract' - despite their 22-inch difference in height.

The pair got together in January 2020 and every since, they frequently get stopped in the street where confused members of the public ask if Brooke is really short or if Dylan is just really tall.

And as it turns out, it’s a bit of both!

Dylan towers over his girlfriend, with a 6ft 10ins measurement of giant proportions, while Brooke stands at just 5ft tall.

Brooke, a student from near Philadelphia, said: “We’re pretty used to our height difference.

“I’m so short so everyone’s tall to me, and Dylan’s so tall everyone’s short to him – so it doesn’t really matter to us.

“It’s more of a shock to other people when they see us out.”

Brook explained: “They usually comment on our height difference, and mostly say stuff to Dylan because he is unusually tall.”

The couple also get lots of questions about how they do the deed and we know you're all wondering, too. “Online people do always ask how ‘it’ works and whether our height difference changes our intimacy – which it doesn’t," Brooke declared.

Brooke and Dylan have a 22-inch height difference.

“But we just think it’s funny, we knew going into publicising our relationship people would make those comments.”

For their first kiss, Brooke recalled Dylan had to be sitting down but when they kiss now, he has to lean down. “But I like it,” Brooke added.

Dylan, a professional basketball player from Hershey, Pennsylvania, met his girlfriend on the dating app Bumble while they were both studying at the University of Delaware in Newark.

They have since relocated to Trier, Germany where Dylan plays professional basketball for the Trier Gladiators and Brooke studies remotely. She’s training to be a mental health counselor.

And there are apparently lots of pros to having a giant boyfriend when it comes to everyday chores or simply needing some extra help around the house.

The couple now live in Germany.

“I really like our height difference, it’s definitely very hand with certain things.

Brooke added Dylan also benefits from having a smaller girlfriend, she said: “If I can’t reach stuff in the kitchen or on top of the wardrobe, he can get it and if something falls or is under the bed, it’s easier for me to get it.

“After being with Dylan I couldn’t imagine being with someone closer to my height. I’ve become so comfortable with it and wouldn’t ever change it.”

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