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Shoppers Are Seriously Divided Over ASDA's Engagement Rings

Shoppers Are Seriously Divided Over ASDA's Engagement Rings

Would you buy one for your partner?

With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, some of us in long-term relationships may be hoping our significant other pops the question.

And supermarket chain Asda is here to help you get down on one knee if you’re looking to propose…and find yourself on a tight budget.

Yep, you can now get a £1 ‘engagement’ ring from Asda, which includes a silver band and an imitation diamond gemstone.

The £1 ring is available as Asda (

To make the gift just a touch more romantic, the ring is in a heart-shaped box – perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal.

The ring is available in stores and online, with the product description reading: “Have some fun with this engagement ring in a velvet box this Valentine's Day.”

Unsurprisingly, people are divided as to whether they’d want to say yes to a person who got down on one knee with a ring that only costs a quid.

Not everyone was enamoured by the ring (

Taking to various social media channels, one person wrote they found the ring “cute” – but others are less taken by the concept.

“Asda really out here selling an engagement ring and box for a £1,” one person laughed on Twitter. “I swear to God, you couldn’t make it up.”

Another person wrote: “I haven't bought this but trust me if you present this to your partner instead of the real thing they'll probably knock your teeth out, I would if mine did LOL!”

Not everyone was thrilled by the ring (

Well, in the wise words of Jennifer Lopez: "love don’t cost a thing", so what’s wrong with a £1 engagement ring?

In other Asda news, the store raised a few eyebrows after a woman shared a photo of a 16-pack of toilet rolls priced at just £2.25 - but some people in the comments think the tissue would 'cause thrush' due to its orange and cranberry scent.

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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