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Women Are All Saying The Same Thing About These ASDA Toilet Rolls

Women Are All Saying The Same Thing About These ASDA Toilet Rolls

Women took to a Facebook post to comment on the scented toilet roll.

Women are taking to a Facebook post to say the same thing about a pack of Asda toilet rolls.

The post went viral after a woman shared a photo of a 16-pack of toilet rolls priced at just £2.25 - but some people in the comments think the tissue would 'cause thrush' due to its orange and cranberry scent.

One shopper shared a photo of the bargain toilet roll (

One person commented on the post: "Smell nice but thrush here u come."

While another said: "50 shades of thrush."

And a third added: "I [couldn't] even look at these without getting thrush."

Others questioned whether the scent is added to the toilet paper itself, or just the cardboard tube.

A fourth person wrote: "It'll be tainted whether on the tube or not, if you're sensitive down there then it's a no go as even the slightest taint will set you off."

And a fifth added: "Get yourself some Canesten while you're there."

Some people said they can't use scented toilet roll (

Others disagreed however, with one person claiming they've never had any problems with scented tissue. They wrote: "I've always used these and never had any issues...just because some may get thrush doesn't mean everyone does."

And another said: "I love these, I love all the scented ones. They've never given me thrush as of yet."

And a third said: "Does it matter to other people, if someone buys a scented toilet roll or not. Maybe they don’t get thrush! Mind your business."

The toilet roll is scented with orange and cranberry (

Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects men and women. It's usually harmless but it can be uncomfortable as well as itchy.

Symptoms include: White vaginal discharge; itching and irritation around the vagina and soreness and stinging during sex or when you go to the toilet.

So can scented toilet roll cause thrush? Tyla spoke to Dr Shree Datta - gynaecologist for intimate healthcare brand, INTIMINA - who explained it all depends on what ingredients and chemicals are used.

"This really depends on several factors - for example, the ingredients and chemicals which are used in the tissues and how frequently you use them," she says.

"You may also be more susceptible to skin sensitivities using scented bath products if you have skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis or lichen sclerosis.

"Here, it may be best to keep it plain and simple - washing with warm water in the shower is absolutely fine. Don't forget the vagina maintains its own microbiome and is able to self clean, so there's no evidence to suggest internal douching is superior to this.

Women had mixed feelings on the toilet roll (

"Don't forget that if you have medical problems such as diabetes, you may be more susceptible to thrush anyway, and scented tissues or bath products may trigger symptoms.

"If you do use scented tissues, try to avoid using them inside your vagina. Watch for symptoms such as vaginal soreness and irritation, redness or a change in your vaginal discharge and if you notice any changes, get checked over by your doctor sooner rather than later.

"If this is the case, after examining you, we may advise you to use unbleached toilet paper, or tissue that has been minimally processed as a cheap and easy fix for your symptoms."

Tyla has reached out to Asda for comment. A spokesperson said: "Although we’ve not received any complaints about this product we would like to reassure our customers that all our Shades toilet paper meets all of the required legal safety standards and while some products in the range are fragranced the risk of irritation is minimal.

"The fragrance we use is applied to the inner surface of the roll and not to the actual toilet paper itself. However if customers do have a negative experience with any of our products we would encourage them to contact our customer services team."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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