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XL bully dog owner furious at being offered £200 to put down her dog

XL bully dog owner furious at being offered £200 to put down her dog

The owner of an American XL Bully has hit back at the government for offering £200 to put down dogs

In the wake of stricter measures surrounding dog breeds, one woman has slammed the government and those who are accepting money to euthanise their pets.

The owner of Adley the XL Bully, a TikTok pup is disgusted at being offered £200 to put down her dog.

After hearing about the new parameters around the breed, she has come out to hit back at the government’s offer to pay to put down, saying she refuses.

The woman’s XL American Bully dog is ‘one of her babies’ and that this new incentive to coax owners into destroying their dogs has made her ‘ashamed to be British’.

The ban on the XL Bully breed will be coming into force in Februar,y after a series of attacks, some fatal.

The ban on XL Bully dogs will come into force in February.
TikTok / @adleythebul

At present, the campaign group, Bully Watch UK, has documented 351 attacks by the breed this year, which led to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to announce new laws for the breed on Tuesday.

Posting on social media she explained why she is so upset: “Anyone putting their XL Bullys down for £200, you do not deserve to feel the love this breed has to offer. You are a disgrace.”

She then hit out at the government for their priorities: “In a country where our soldiers are homeless, mothers can't afford baby milk, families freeze to death or they can't feed their children but you think banning this breed will make such a difference.

"This government is a disgrace."

Despite this cash offering, this owner wasn’t having it and fumed online: “Absolutely devastating how anyone could ever even contemplate it. Disgusting behaviour.

“Some very sick twisted people out here. I hope every innocent bully stays safe as well as their owners.

“Never in a million years would I put an innocent dog to sleep.

“I’m ashamed to be British.

Adley's owner hit out on TikTok.
TikTok / @adleythebul

“I will not be afraid, I will protect my dog.

“I will forever have my babies’ back.”

Her TikTok video has already gained 75,000 views in one day with commenters on both sides of the fence.

One person was gutted, writing: “I don’t have an xl bully but anyone accepting the money didn’t deserve the dog in the first place there dogs are amazing in the right hands”.

Another said: “I’m so sorry. As a lover and owner of this breed, I stand with you from the USA.”

Someone else added: “Omfggg I can’t believe this is happening, this is so cruel!!!”

One user was in total disbelief: “What!!!!!! That can’t be real.”

Meanwhile, others shared their opinion on why they thought it could be a good idea to lessen the risk to others.

One user stated: “No one deserves to have their dog attacked or killed by this breed either sooo.”

@adleythebul quickly replied with: “Not just this breed though is it, my dog has never killed, never bit anyone, my dog isn’t a savage. Just because one did, doesn’t mean all have…”

Another agreed with the ban: “If it means dangerous ones getting put down it’s worth it.”

There has been some back and forth between the poster and commenters, but she’s standing strong in her belief that these dogs deserve loving owners, and not to be penalised for their breed.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@adleythebull

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