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Woman stunned as children threaten to sue her to get their hands on her inheritance

Woman stunned as children threaten to sue her to get their hands on her inheritance

A mother has been left traumatised after her adult children threatened to sue over inheritance.

What would you do if your children threaten to sue you as you entered your golden years?

Well, that's what a 70-year-old mother has to ask herself after finding out that her children intend to get their hands on her inheritance by any means necessary.

Asking for help, the mum-of-three only wanted to sell up her home and downsize the property she was living alone in after all three children grew up and moved out.

Unfortunately, when her children found out, it was carnage.

The woman said that she hoped to free up some money just in case she needed any cash to cover medical expenses in the future.

However, her children threw a ‘disgusting tantrum’ and accused her of trying to ‘destroy their childhood memories and the final memories of their father by selling the family home’.

The poor woman was being threatened by her children.
Bernd Schray / Pixabay

This led the poor mother to write to the Daily Mail’s agony aunt for advice, pleading for answers on what she should do.

She said her children ‘demanded’ that she sign the property over to them, so that they can rent it out ,and she can live off the money the rent brings in.

Understandably, the woman refused and is set on her choice to move on to a smaller property, which is also exasperated by the fact that her current home is a ‘constant reminder’ of her late husband.

So, after sticking to her guns and telling the kids it was a no on renting the place out, they then retaliated by saying that they had contacted a lawyer with plans to ‘legally stop’ her from selling her own home.

Telling Agony Aunt, she wrote: “They claim it’s their inheritance and that I’m trying to keep the money away from them.”

“The last thing I wanted at this point in my life was to get involved in some horrendous family feud. I’m absolutely disgusted by their behaviour and can’t get over how selfish they’re being.”

After explaining the situation and how it's made her feel, the widowed pensioner stated that her late husband would be ‘furious’ over what their children are doing.

She wants to sell her home.
mastersenaiper / Pixabay

And even though it is something that she is set against, she is deciding whether to give into the demands just so that she can ‘live in peace without the threat of a lawsuit’ from her own kids.

Agony aunt, Jane Green, responded back to the elderly woman’s plight, commenting on the ‘horrible’ situation.

But Jane also suggested a solution which could benefit all involved.

The woman could either sell the property to the kids or she could offer to ‘help “finance” their purchasing of the house in return for a monthly stipend enabling you to live’.

Although the solution fixes the money issue, it doesn’t fix the ‘emotional trauma’ she's been through.

To conclude her advice, Jane told the mum of three to ‘bring in some experts, look at the options’ and ‘bring your children into those conversations and meetings so they can be a part of you all working this out’.

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