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Woman whose boobs fell out after falling through window reveals she weed on her face at the same time

Woman whose boobs fell out after falling through window reveals she weed on her face at the same time

She appeared on This Morning to discuss the hilarious viral footage of her climbing through her window

The woman who became an unlikely viral star after footage captured her falling through her home's window - her boobs also falling out of her dress in the process - has opened up about what happened on that fateful day, revealing she actually also wet herself.

You may have seen the incredible viral clip online as it's been shared more than 20 million times, but if not, brace yourself:

Lisa Rowland had to resort to drastic measures when she found herself locked out, realising an open window was her only route in.

With her sister on hand to give her a leg up, Lisa climbed up to the window and started to feed herself through, head-first.

However, as she began to lower her body on the other side, her dress began sliding down.

With nothing she could do, the top of her dress came down completely to reveal her boobs, which - in what might be an ultimate comedy moment - became pressed onto the window for all the world to see.

Her sister's partner knew that the two siblings often got up to mischief, so had been sure to hit record as their efforts began, and can be heard laughing away as the chaos ensued.

Lisa ended up 'hanging like a bat' as she tried to climb inside.

Lisa's sister, meanwhile, wasn't able to offer much by way of help as she clung on for dear life, as she was doubled over in stitches.

While many of us would be FUMING if that sort of footage made its way online, Lisa has taken the viral fame in good humour, having even appeared on This Morning earlier today to talk about what happened.

Lisa revealed how she’d been out shopping in June last year when she popped home to use the loo – only for it to dawn on her that she’d forgotten her keys.

“I just let go of everything,” Lisa said – and not just in reference to her breasts.

“You actually wet yourself, didn’t you,” presenter Alison Hammond asked.

“I weed on my neck, yeah,” her guest replied.

“I couldn’t move, [I was] hanging like a bat!”

Lisa's thankfully found the whole thing as hilarious as we did.

Lisa said she didn’t even know about the video until she saw it on Facebook, but was happy to see so many ‘positive comments’ from people who found the whole thing hilarious.

“I love a bit of laughter, you know?!” she added, before showing viewers she now wears her keys on a string around her neck... just to avoid the same issue in the future.

Sounds wise.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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