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Woman who slipped on ice and fell 200ft miraculously survives

Woman who slipped on ice and fell 200ft miraculously survives

She was rushed to hospital following a complex rescue operation

A woman in the US miraculously survived a 200ft fall after slipping on ice.

Ruth Woroniecki, from Colorado, was hiking near Cucamonga Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, in California, on Christmas Eve when she lost her footing.

The 40-year-old fell from the peak and was severely injured - though it could have been much worse if a tree hadn't eventually halted her descent.

She was lucky to survive the fall.

"As Woroniecki hiked down the switchbacks, she slipped on ice and fell approximately 200 feet," said San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Corporal Chris Mejia.

"She came to rest on a fallen tree trunk and sustained injuries."

A nearby hiker found Ruth and contacted the authorities, letting them know the exact location using a GPS device.

While this hiker played an instrumental role in Ruth's rescue, reaching her was no mean feat.

"The crew of 40 King 4 responded and began an extensive search to locate Woroniecki," Corporal Mejia said.

"After locating her, the crew determined a rescue helicopter would be needed due to her location and the amount of time it would take for ground crews to reach her.

"The crew of Air Rescue 306 responded and made several attempts to hoist a rescuer down to Woroniecki's location. Gusty winds coming over the Cucamonga Saddle made the rescue difficult. But the crew was able to hoist a technical rescuer west of Woroniecki's location.

"The rescuer, who was equipped with crampons and an ice axe, hiked to her location and assessed her condition. He placed Woroniecki in a rescue harness and assisted her to an open area, away from trees.

"The crew hoisted Woroniecki and the rescuer to the helicopter and transferred care to an American Medical Response ambulance waiting nearby at the San Antonio Dam."

Ruth sustained a fractured neck and a severe head injury in the fall.

The family are looking for donations to help her, so she can continue helping others.

"On Tuesday, Ruth was in stable condition after her first surgery," according to a statement from San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

"She required dozens of stitches and staples to close the laceration in her head, and neural-surgery to begin repairing the damage to her spine. She has a long road ahead of therapy and treatment."

Ruth thanked God and everyone involved in her rescue in a message relayed by her mum.

According to CBS, her message said: "I know that God is such a good father that he has a plan through the pain.

"To anyone else who is suffering, call out to Jesus and he will help you. I would like to say a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart to the rescue team and to the hikers who helped me and stayed with me."

Her family have set up a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of her recovery.

Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe

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