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Film About Tornado Full Of Spiders Is Coming

Film About Tornado Full Of Spiders Is Coming

Nothing sums up 2020 better than cyclones coughing up unnaturally huge spiders

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Just when we thought Sharknado was the most ridiculous film we'd ever seen, we then discover the truly terrifying Arachnado.

With a premise as bizarre as it sounds, the film starts with a radio DJ warning locals of cyclone activity in the Los Angeles area - but the approaching tornados come bearing gifts.

Yep, along the way, the tornados have swallowed millions of vicious spiders, and are now spitting out the angry, hairy beasts who are looking to kill.

The survivors of the dreadfully named 'arachnado' have to group together to make their way through the eight-legged onslaught, but as the trailer suggests, not all of them are going to make it.

The cast of Arachnado includes Mel Novak (Bruce Lee's Game of Death), Deborah Dutch (Hard to Die), Brinke Stevens (Slumber Party Massacre), and Shawn C. Phillips (Ghost Shark).

Prepare to see some very angry spiders (

The direct-to-video film is from the warped mind of director Dustin Ferguson, who is also responsible for the more zany horror titles such as Los Angeles Shark Attack, Ebola Rex and Angry Asian Murder Hornets.

It may not be as an exciting release as The Witches or A Quiet Place Part II, but if you're afraid of spiders (or tornados, for that matter), Arachnado just may well be the most horrifying movie of the year.

The angry spiders are prepared to attach (

Cheesy horror fans will notice the similarities with Arachnado to 2013 cult hit Sharknado, in which a married couple are constantly having to fight seemingly endless rafts of shark-filled tornadoes.

The film was so popular it spawned an increasingly ridiculous instalment until the franchise concluded in 2018 with The Last Sharknado: It's About Time.

But it looks as if Arachnado may be here to fill the animal-spinning vortex void for the time being - and with 2020 being the mess of the year it's turned out to be, a film about a cyclone filled with spiders is what we deserve.

Arachnado is released on 26th November 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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