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EastEnders fan claims to have spotted huge 'clue' about who will be murdered at Christmas

EastEnders fan claims to have spotted huge 'clue' about who will be murdered at Christmas

The fan presented numerous pieces of evidence as he shared his theory about the upcoming episode

It wouldn't be Christmas without some soap opera drama, and one EastEnders fan is convinced they've figured out what the series has in store this year.

In Christmases gone by, EastEnders has brought fans shocking character returns, deaths, divorces and affairs, with each year's twist attempting to top the last.

This year will likely be no different, but while the soap usually tries to surprise fans with its storylines, one eagle-eyed viewer has collected evidence to suggest the upcoming festive instalment will see the death of a popular character.

TikTok user Tullz took to the platform to share his theory, claiming the person who dies wouldn't be Ravi, Nish, Theo or Ian Beale.

The clue he used to back his claim came in the form of the music playing in the background of a 'flash-forward' video for the Christmas episode, in which East 17's 'Stay Another Day' could be heard playing.

Stacey had blood on her hands in the Christmas clip.

He also drew attention to the fire visible in the video, and used these two points to draw parallels with EastEnders' 2019 episode, when one particular character was stood over a fire while the same song played.

This same character, Tullz pointed out, is known for having a 'dealing' with 'every single woman' featured in the flash-forward clip for the upcoming Christmas episode.

He pointed out that Stacey had blood on her hands in the clip, while Sharon, dressed in a wedding dress, stood and looks down at what appears to be a body on the floor.

Tullz believes Martin will be the one to die.

With all of these details in mind, Tullz expressed belief that the person set to be murdered in this year's Christmas episode will be Martin.

"Martin obviously would have been in attendance to Sharon's wedding," he explained.

However, in spite of the literal blood on their hands, Tullz went on to express belief that the women weren't responsible for the death.

"I think someone else did it, and they've just not been shown on that scene," he said. "I perhaps think it may be Theo, that's stood somewhere that they've not shown on that little clip.

"What I think may have happened is that Theo's tried to attack Stacey and everyone's come to her defence...

"And then Martin comes in, and it becomes a personal brawl between Martin and Theo... and Theo kills Martin."

Though Tullz seemed confident in his theory, he admitted that the speculation around the clip might lead EastEnders writers to go in a different direction altogether.

"If EastEnders see this, it's very likely it's not going to be Martin any more because people will be expecting it to be Martin," he said.

Many TikTok users agreed with Tullz's theory, though they weren't necessarily happy about the possibility of Martin, played by James Edward Bye, leaving the show.

"If it’s Martin I’m going to stop watching EastEnders," one fan commented.

We'll just have to wait until Christmas to know for sure!

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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