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People say their 'life is a lie' after discovering the truth about pumpkin patches

People say their 'life is a lie' after discovering the truth about pumpkin patches

They were in disbelief to learn the truth about the whole autumn activity in the UK

Taking inspo from across the pond, pumpkins patches have been popping up all around the UK over the past few years.

The wholesome autumn activity of picking a pumpkin ready for carving is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit.

However, people have been left in disbelief after discovering the truth behind pumpkin picking here in the UK.

Pumpkin picking is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit.
Unsplash/Ana Essentiels

In the US, where the tradition began, families bundle up in their warmest jackets and head to their local farm to pick a pumpkin straight from the vine.

Often the pumpkin patch will also offer other activities like hayrides and festive snacks such as apple cider and doughnuts.

So, surely pumpkin patches over here would be a somewhat similar experience, right?

Wrong. X user, Rob recently took to the platform (previously known as Twitter) to express his shock that most pumpkin picking in the UK is simply picking up a pumpkin that had previously been placed on the ground.

People were shocked to find out the reality behind a lot of pumpkin patches in the UK.
Unsplash/Jakob Owens

He wrote: "I did not realise the whole pumpkin picking phenomenon was coming to a field where people have placed pumpkins to pick them up. We are quite, quite mad," accompanied by an image of a few dozen of the vegetable strewn across a large bed of straw.

"I mean you could do this with anything… ‘come and pick your own sausage/bread bin / cat,’" he continued in a comment below.

Other users were equally surprised by the revelation.

One person wrote: "I too had assumed it to be more like strawberry picking."

Another added, "What? They don’t grow like that? Thankfully my kids are too old to have been lured into this giant lie."

And a third said, "I thought this too until a friend had posted a picture many years ago and I asked about it. The farm near us literally shipped in Tesco pumpkins."

A fourth even joked: "The one by us had Tesco stickers still stuck to them."

Also on the topic of faux pumpkin picking, last year, TikTok user Chrissy Schmogs said her 'whole life has been a lie' after visiting a local farm for the seasonal activity.

A clip that has since gone viral, pans across a pumpkin patch where pumpkins are scattered across the ground ready to be claimed by members of the public.

However, the video then zooms into a truck filled with a further load of the popular squash.

Chrissy was shocked to watch workers passing the pumpkins across to one another before placing them on the ground for people to grab.

One user joked: "Wait so you're telling me the pumpkins I brought from Asda weren’t grown in Asda."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/rachlearly/chiara_pugliesi

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