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Woman lands dream £99 getaway to tropical hotspot where flights are up to £1000 with Wowcher mystery holiday

Woman lands dream £99 getaway to tropical hotspot where flights are up to £1000 with Wowcher mystery holiday

The TikToker struck gold on the mystery destination deal

If you're anything like me, I bet thoughts of a summer soaking up sun, sipping pina coladas and topping up your tan are the only things getting you through this surprisingly bleak April weather.

I mean, really. We've had Easter now, why is it still pouring down and Baltic cold?

Anyway, if the moment for logging into Skyscanner, attempting to bag some reasonably-priced flights and trawling through countless Airbnb listings is drawing in, we might have the perfect alternative holiday-booking system for you.

That's because one lucky woman on TikTok - who secure herself her DREAM holiday to a transatlantic party hotspot - has revealed that she was able to do so by applying for a Wowcher mystery vacation.

The mystery trip could even send you to the Maldives.
Roberto Moiola/Sysaworld/Getty

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of this nifty summer hack, the online voucher retailer offer their customers the opportunity to travel to 100 different worldwide destinations, all for just £99 per person.

"Whatever stay you snag, we guarantee a holiday to remember will be awaiting you and your luggage, or your loved ones should you choose to gift this unforgettable voucher," their website reads.

Among the plethora of city break/beach holiday/transatlantic hotspots listed in the potential prizes are city breaks in Venice and Rome, beach holidays to Ibiza and Crete, long-haul trips to Barbados, Las Vegas and Thailand.

One holidaymaker even claimed she was able to haggle with Wowcher travel agents to get a trip to Disneyland Paris.

If you've read all of this, but still aren't quite ready to take the high-stakes punt yourself, one woman on TikTok might be able to convince you, after she claimed that booking a Wowcher trip was the best decision she ever made.

Uploading a compilation of her once in a lifetime vacation on the video-sharing app, the star - known as @sophs._fits - revealed that she was lucky enough to land a trip to Miami, Florida.

"So our chosen location was Miami," she teased in the caption. "Safe to say the holiday cost a lot more than £99."

Considering that flights to Miami can cost more than £1,000 in July and August, that's a pretty amazing deal.

Sophie then went on to share a series of sunny clips from the trip, showing her day at the party-famous Miami Beach, a jaw-dropping snap of the iconic skyline, walking around the beach boulevard surrounded by classic cars, dipping a toe into the crystal blue ocean and watching the mesmerising sunset.

The TikToker was sent to Miami.
Sylvain Sonnet/Getty

And apparently, the post has been quite influential with Sophie's followers with many claiming it has inspired them to book their own trip.

"I saw this the other day and was tempted! Now I can see it’s legit ima go for it," one penned in the comments.

Another gushed: "Only £99?! We defo gotta do this."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@soph._fits

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