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BFFs book £99 ‘mystery holiday’ and end up on trip of a lifetime to New York

BFFs book £99 ‘mystery holiday’ and end up on trip of a lifetime to New York

Megan and Georgia couldn't believe their luck!

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Who else could really do with a holiday? Well, what if you could jet off somewhere for less than £100. The only catch – it’s a complete mystery as to where you’ll be heading.

If you’ve not already stumbled across the £99 mystery holiday voucher, the package holiday is available to anyone who fancies rolling the dice when it comes to their eventual destination. And two BFFs ended up on a trip of a lifetime to New York with their voucher.

But what did they think of their unexpected journey to the States? Well, they’ve shared exactly what they got up to on their four-day trip to NYC.

The best friends lucked out when it came to their destination.
Megan Smith

What the BFFs thought of their holiday

After taking the gamble and booking their ‘mystery holiday’ from Wowcher, Megan Smith, 20, and friend Georgina Leonard, 18, ended up in the city that never sleeps, which could have cost them anywhere from £500 to £1,000 each, if booking it as a traditional package holiday.

“We flew three hours from London Stansted Airport to Reykjavik in Iceland," Megan told LADbible, "Then six hours from Iceland to New York Stewart International Airport.” And a two-hour transfer to the city cost just $15 (£11.70).

Since they didn’t know exactly where they’d be holidaying, the girls had no set itinerary but they still managed to stick to a budget, despite ending up in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

They managed to visit one of the most expensive cities in the world on a budget.
Megan Smith

They took the free Staten Island Ferry to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty but decided to splurge on tickets to Summit One Vanderbilt, an awe-inspiring observation deck located directly above Grand Central Station. For $43 each, they were able to take in views of the Manhattan skyline from high above and enjoy a number of immersive experiences over 1,400ft up.

As their trip was in February, the duo also ice skated in Central Park, with it being “slightly cold but beautifully sunny out,” according to Megan.

She continued: "No matter the location you receive from the mystery holiday, the price is something you cannot complain about.

"And with no hidden fees or non obvious extra charges, I'd had the best few days of my life.”

The only slight issue, neither of the friends were of drinking age in the US, “but that never stopped us having a good time,” she concluded.

They would recommend taking the gamble.
Megan Smith

What to know about the £99 mystery holiday deal

With exciting destinations such as Rome, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, Bali and even the Maldives, it could certainly be well worth the gamble. And Wowcher’s ‘fine print’ does have some assurances for those who aren’t happy with the destination they eventually receive.

Even though “once customers have been advised of their holiday destination they will not be entitled to a refund on the basis they do not wish to travel to the destination drawn,” there is “the chance to change this destination at redemption,” a spokesperson for Wowcher explained.

For example, if the flight times or hotel don’t work for you, “often the provider can try and find you something more suitable.”

However, “these alternatives depend on availability and what the travel providers can find you within budgets. They may also offer more desirable options at a higher cost but this is only ever optional to the customer.”

Which destination would you have your fingers crossed for? More information at

Words by Tom Earnshaw and Ellis Cochrane.

Featured Image Credit: Megan Smith

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