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Woman sent to ‘insane’ four-star destination after hitting Wowcher £99 Mystery Holiday jackpot

Woman sent to ‘insane’ four-star destination after hitting Wowcher £99 Mystery Holiday jackpot

Wowcher's £99 Mystery Holiday deal is growing in popularity

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If you’re thinking about where to go on your summer holiday this year or are looking to get away on a budget, what if we told you that you could jet off on a city break, beach holiday or long-haul trip for less than £100? There’s only one catch – where you end up is a complete mystery.

If you’ve not already stumbled across Wowcher’s viral £99 mystery holiday voucher, essentially the package holiday allows you to take a gamble when it comes to where you go.

But with possible destinations such as Las Vegas, Thailand, Disneyland Paris, New York and even the Maldives, it could be well worth rolling the dice on.

And one woman ended up hitting the holiday jackpot when she found herself travelling to a four-star destination with her friend.

The two friends lucked out with their mystery holiday. (@georginaann3/TikTok)
The two friends lucked out with their mystery holiday. (@georginaann3/TikTok)

She’s shared what she thought of the experience and her unexpected three-day trip to Majorca.

After taking the plunge and booking her ‘mystery holiday’ from Wowcher, Georgina (also known as @georginaann3 on TikTok) and her friend were originally given Costa Brava as their surprise destination, with them set to fly out of a London airport. However, they were also offered a few different options, which is when they eventually chose to fly to Majorca from Bristol instead.

“We just chose something that suited us more,” Georgina explained to her TikTok followers.

The duo were also over the moon to be staying at a four-star plus hotel, with Georgina exclaiming that this ‘was actually insane.’ And once they arrived at the hotel, they even discovered that their room had been upgraded.

“I’ve heard that they do this if you’re with Wowcher,” she suggested.

In the video the friends can be seen enjoying their time on the largest island of the Balearics with them going to the beach, taking a boat trip, sampling some local food and cocktails and strolling around in the Spanish sun.

They also shared a sneak peek of the view from their room which featured a balcony overlooking the city below.

Georgina admitted: “All in all we had really good flight times, we got to pick the dates that we wanted and we went away for three days. Would highly recommend and we’re going to do it again.”

The entire trip cost less than £100. (@georginaann3/TikTok)
The entire trip cost less than £100. (@georginaann3/TikTok)

From what we’ve seen, the Wowcher £99 ‘mystery holiday’ voucher is well worth the money. Given that return flights can now easily exceed £99 per person, getting several days in a hotel and return flights for less than £100 is hard to beat.

However, the value of each deal will differ depending on the destination, hotel class and time of year that you choose to travel.

Would you be willing to take the gamble? More information at

Featured Image Credit: @georginaann3/TikTok

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