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Particularly around these summer months, flight etiquette is a hot topic of conversation on social media.

Now, a woman has gone viral after refusing to give up her seat on a flight so that a child could sit with their family.

Of course, seating arrangements on planes are a contentious issue which never fails to divide the internet.

This TikToker confessed she was asked to move from her 1A plane seat during a flight to accommodate another passenger’s wish.

The TikToker was not giving up her seat.

Sabra Zaraa shared a short clip of herself on Thursday (20 July), revealing that she didn’t grant them their wish.

“POV: Flight agent asks me if I want to give up my 1A seat so a child sits with their family,” she explained via the in-video caption.

Zaraa, who posts using the handle @lifewithdrsabra, used a popular TikTok audio of a person saying: “Girl, f**k them kids and f**k you too.” It is often used by creators to accompany clips in which they decide not to make sacrifices for other people’s children.

Seat 1A on any aircraft is often considered to be the most desirable seat on the plane among frequent travellers.

Zaraa shared more information in the written caption under her post, where she explained that she decided against giving up her seat and that the family ended up ‘finding a solution’ to being seated separately.

“That’s a no from me dawg,” she wrote. “Would you have given up your seat? Also they ended up finding a solution so no, I am not a terrible human being. Also the child was like 13.”

In her explanation, however, she did not explain how the family came out the solution.

Seating arrangements on planes are a contentious issue which never fails to divide the internet.

The TikTok has been viewed a staggering 5.1 million times on the video-sharing platform, with many users flocking to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One user, who sided with Zaraa, said she was not in the wrong to keep her seat, writing: “Nope! They wanted to sit together should’ve booked it that way!”

Someone else penned: “If they want to switch seats in economy, I would consider it. But if I paid extra for comfort, hell no! Attendant should be ashamed to even try.”

While a third user made a slight dig, saying: "I gave up that seat so [a] newlywed couple could sit together. Kindness is free.”

Where do you stand?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lifewithdrsabra

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