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Travel expert shares four things you should absolutely never do while on a plane

Travel expert shares four things you should absolutely never do while on a plane

Most of these will no doubt ring true for many people...

A travel expert has shared the four things you should ‘absolutely never do’ while on a plane, having posted a guide on TikTok.

Plane etiquette may seem straightforward, but it only takes one person resting their bare foot on your armrest for you to realise not everyone shares your mentality.

Jess Bohorquez, a TikToker from Chicago, regularly posts travel advice online to help things run smoother for everyone.

In a recent video, she shared her top four tips for things that you shouldn’t ever do while up in the air, and while some of them might appear simple, there’s no doubt you’ve been stung by some of them in the past.

"If you're just new to flying or just need a refresher, here's my take of four things that you should absolutely never do on an airplane,” she explained, before going into detail on her four points.

“Number one: Boarding an airplane is a team sport and our goal is to leave on time, so it should not take you really more than four seconds to put your stuff in the overhead bin and take your seat – or ask someone for some help if you can’t do it yourself.

She posted her top tips on TikTok.

“Two: if you have the distinct luxury of having a window or an aisle seat do not take over both arm rests. Let that poor person in the middle have one thing, which is both armrests.”

Jess continued: “Three: do not ask your neighbor more than two questions in a row because we are always reading the room on an airplane and we do not want to annoy our fellow passengers.

“If they wanna continue talking to you, they'll ask you a question.”

“Last one should go without saying, but please keep your socks on at all times.”

Jess’ top four tips of what NOT to do while on a plane:

  • Dilly dally as you board
  • Take over both arm rests if you are in the window or aisle
  • Ask your neighbour more than 2 questions in a row
  • Take off your socks

Many viewers agreed with her points, while some even suggested their own ideas.

One said: “I agree with all of these. I never talk to anyone. I did have a random guy speak to me and tell me everything. I thought he was crazy.”

Sharing their own horror story, someone else commented: “I had to passively aggressively fight 7 hours for the arm rest.”

A third wrote: “Add this to the rule book: pls don’t bring stinky food in the plane.”

A fourth put forward: “Add this to the rule book: please don't bring stinky food in the plane.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@pointsbyj / Pexels

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