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Parents slammed for letting child 'run wild' during eight-hour flight

Parents slammed for letting child 'run wild' during eight-hour flight

The video has shocked Reddit viewers

The parents of a rampant little girl have come under fire this week for allowing their misbehaving daughter to 'run wild' on an eight-hour flight.

In the controversial, headache-inducing video shared on Reddit, the youngster could be seen standing on top of an open tray table, hanging off the back of another passenger's seat.

Screaming and crying, the girl then jumps up and down on the table, causing the chair below - in which a visibly disgruntled fellow flyer is attempting to relax - to violently shake.

Though the clip only lasts a few seconds, the shrillness to the tot's cries and the vigour by which she jumps up and down implies she's been allowed to misbehave for quite some time.

Naturally, the infuriating upload has sparked a plane etiquette discussion among viewers online, with many of whom taking the opportunity to slam the anonymous parents for allowing their child to behave in that manner during a flight.

One user advised: "B***h slap the parents and make the kid watch. That kind of trauma will do wonders for any behavioral issues, and the kid might learn something too."

The tot could be seen jumping on the tray table.

A second noted: "I would feel like a failed parent if my kids were doing this and I was just straight up allowing it."

Another - more lenient - viewer admitted they could understand that misbehaving children can be difficult for parents to handle, especially on public transport, but advised the neglectful mum and dad to plan ahead next time.

"Kids can be hard to handle sure," they wrote. "Especially in a situation like this with a room of strangers and maybe a very long flight.

"But s**t man, plan for it. Copious entertainment of shows, movies and games with headphones, colouring activities, magnetic board games, snacks and drinks."

The video triggered uproar amongst social media users.

Another reader pointed out: "Every time I dare to say something about improper public child behaviour I always get some exasperated parent projecting their frustration at me that it can’t be helped and they’re trying their best and I’m terrible for being annoyed and like, my dude/ette, are you okay??"

A fourth asked: "Why is the guy just letting it happen? I would’ve said something"

"Idiot parents be like: It's just a kid being a kid, chill out," jibed another.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/readysetgorilla

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