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If you have still got a summer holiday to look forward to, you are probably thinking about all the essentials - though it is difficult to remember absolutely everything.

Luckily, the Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis is on hand to provide advice on all things money when it comes to holidays.

Speaking on This Morning back in April, the financial guru was asked a question about holiday cover by a grieving mum, and he informed her there's something about it that many of us don't know - and hopefully we never have to use.

The Money Saving Expert replied to an email from viewer, Rita, whose son had tragically died suddenly and shortly after she booked a trip to Tenerife.

His death fell close to the holiday date, meaning the grieving mum was understandably forced to cancel her travel plans.

Holly Willoughby, former This Morning presenter Phil Schofield and Martin were, of course, quick to share their condolences with Martin saying: "First thing to say is, I am so sorry for your loss. What a terrible situation to be in."

Martin Lewis shared some advice for holiday goers.

Martin continued that, while money pales in comparison to losing a loved one, a financial hit will certainly not help someone who is grieving.

"I'm sure the holiday is trivial in comparison, but that's what you get travel insurance for, and they owe you that money," he explained.

"I don't know whether your son was planning to come away with you, I doubt it so he probably wasn't covered under the travel insurance, but you should be getting a refund for your holiday costs."

Rita explained that she had followed all the 'proper procedures' for a payout, but claimed that, as yet, she has not received the money back.

To which Martin said: "If you're not getting that refund, you need to understand why."

He went on to say that, when it comes to travel insurance, many people 'don't realise' that it is fully regulated by the FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority), a UK financial regulatory body.

Martin added: "That means you have a right to take the travel firm to the financial ombudsman if they do not resolve in the way that you need," - which only requires filling out a form online.

You'll want to be buying some travel insurance ASAP.

He reassured the viewer: "You don't need to write fancy language, you don't need a lawyer."

While telling Rita: "You've done absolutely everything right and one would hope the travel insurance company would treat you with a bit more care," he urged holiday goers to book their travel insurance sooner instead of quickly sorting it out from the departure gate.

"My rule on travel insurance is to get it ASAP, as soon as you book, in case heaven forbid, something happens to stop you going away beforehand."

The government's advice is the same for foreign travel - they also remind you to make sure you have your policy number and your insurer’s emergency assistance telephone number - and share it with someone at home, in case they need to contact the insurance company for you.

He explained that many fall foul of leaving booking cover until the last minute - when chemotherapy and other issues put a halt to travel plans - explaining issues like this make up a big bulk of his calls and messages around holidays.

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