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Mum furious after travelling 10 hours for £365 hotel only to be turned away due to 'no kids policy'

Mum furious after travelling 10 hours for £365 hotel only to be turned away due to 'no kids policy'

The mum vowed to never visit Ireland again

A furious mum has vowed never to visit Ireland again after she and her eight-year-old son were turned away due to a ‘no kids policy’.

On 2 August, Hayley Smith travelled for 10 hours by car and ferry from Derby, UK, to Dublin, Ireland, with her son Cohen Smith.

The 27-year-old, who works at a childminder, spent £365 for a room at the ALTIDO pop-up hotel at Highlight Thomas Street but she was left in shock when the receptionist refused to let the pair in, claiming that children were not allowed at the premises.

Hayley showed the receptionist her phone to prove she had booked an ensuite double room on travel agent Agoda’s website for four nights for one adult and one child.

Hayley and her son Cohen were left 'stranded' after being turned away from the hotel.
Kennedy News and Media

“When we got there, the receptionist shook her head and said 'children aren't allowed in here',” Hayley recalled.

"I got up the email that confirmed it was for one adult and child, it even said his age in brackets and she said she didn't know why it had let us book but children aren't allowed in because of insurance.

"They said there was nothing they could do, I had to contact Agoda.

"We'd come all that way and had nowhere to go. I was livid. I felt stranded because I was in a different country.

"I didn't even have the car nearby, it was getting dark and Cohen hadn't eaten. It was horrendous. I didn't know what the hell to do.

However, the receptionist reportedly refused to let them in, leaving them with nowhere to go.

The mum made the booking online without any issues.
Kennedy News and Media

The ‘livid’ mum claims she had to fork out £420 for another hotel 20 minutes away but the pair decided to go home early because the new hotel was too far away from the activities they had planned, including a trip to a wax museum and a boat trip.

A return trip on the ferry had reportedly cost £300 and she had to pay for a new ticket when she decided to go home early.

Hayley claims that Agoda offered her a full refund and £50 to spend on their website but she says she'll never use them to book accommodation again.

Tyla has contacted Agoda for comment.

ALTIDO pop-up hotel has apologised and said they didn't know the booking was made via Agoda, which had an incorrect listing, and will be issuing a refund.

Hayley and Cohen's trip ended early because of the hotel situation.
Kennedy News and Media

An ALTIDO pop-up hotel spokesman said: "According to our system, the guest made this booking via and we were unaware at the time that the booking was made via Agoda.

"The listing clearly states that no children under the age of 18 are permitted and that the property is adult-only.

"As such, due to the policy, we were unable to accommodate the guest and to provide a refund at that time.

"However, since being notified that the booking was made via Agoda and not via directly, we have discovered that the Agoda listing is incorrect and as such will be issuing a refund in full to the guest.

"We sincerely apologise for the situation the guest was put in here."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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