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British couple deny walking out of three Greek restaurants without paying for meals

British couple deny walking out of three Greek restaurants without paying for meals

Angela and Ian McKie, from Liverpool, have denied they walked out of the restaurants without paying.

A British couple has denied walking out of three Greek restaurants without paying after claiming they had issues with some of their food.

We all know us Brits have a certain perception on us when it comes to travelling abroad - some may argue that we are a bit of a pain.

However, we usually stop short of walking out of a restaurant without paying.

But despite the speculation, Angela and Ian McKie, from Liverpool, have denied claims they didn't pay their bill at three restaurants.

The couple have been holidaying on the Greek Island of Crete in the village of Koutouloufari, though it hasn't been all plain sailing.

The couple have denied the allegations.

Angela and Ian have been accused of tucking into their food at three different restaurants, complaining loudly about it for the whole place to hear, and then leaving without paying.

However, speaking to the MailOnline, Ian has defended himself and his wife saying such allegations have no substance to them.

He did say though that the couple did threaten not to pay on one occasion, over some chicken and chips he thought were badly cooked, but he settled the bill by paying with cash.

However, that came after a bit of an altercation with the restaurant manager who threatened the Liverpool couple with jail.

Ian said: “What we are being accused of is simply not true.

“It is a little village with one road of shops, bars and tavernas.

“It would be impossible to leave one restaurant without paying, never mind three because everyone knows each other.

"We were flying home the next day and they'd have never let us on the flight.

"There is not one ounce of truth in what they are claiming.”

Ian went on to say the food that the couple initially refused to pay for was only his meal at €12, though he was left 'panicked' when the manager mentioned prison.

"As soon as he mentioned the police, I started to panic," Ian said.

“We didn't want to get into trouble with the police so paid the bill in full (€52).

“We were not refusing to pay the entire bill, it was the €12 for my meal.”

One of the Crete restaurants to have made the allegations.
Google Street View

Angela added: “We love Crete and have been going there for 35 years.

“The people are lovely.

“Since we've returned home, I have had messages for people in Greece saying don't come back and that we are not welcome.

“It is so unfair as we have done nothing wrong.”

The couple were propelled into the limelight after a member of staff at the Ariadni Apartments posted a photo of the couple.

They wrote: "Keep an eye on this couple. After finishing their meal, they refuse to pay the bill. We are third restaurant so far where they have tried this tactic.

"It's good restaurant owners in the village communicate with each other so we know what to expect."

LADbible Group has contacted local police for comment.

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