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Reason why you should ‘never eat’ food on plane after flight attendant issues warning

Reason why you should ‘never eat’ food on plane after flight attendant issues warning

The cabin crew member has warned holiday-makers NOT to eat the in-flight meals

For a lot of flyers, it isn't the fear of heights, loss of cabin pressure or terror at landing on water that gives them pre-holiday anxiety.

It's the food...

Honestly, just thinking about those lukewarm takeout trays of congealed roast dinners, barely-boiled vegetables, unseasoned sides and crusty aged bread rolls makes my stomach turn.

Instead, I fill myself up on BLTs, McCoys crisps and half a giant Toblerone in the airport lounge while waiting for my gate to show on the board.

And according to one flight attendant, I've got the right idea by avoiding in-flight meals at all costs...

That's right, an actual member of cabin crew has warned holiday-makers NOT to eat the food served during the journey.

Speaking to the Express last year, Celina Bedding started by advising passengers to avoid drinking tap water from the plane, even if you might think it's a good idea to save money on flights where you have to pay for drinks.

Apparently, in-flight meals should be avoided at all costs.
Cheryl Chan/Getty

"For any passengers out there, whether you are a frequent flyer, an occasional flyer, seasonal flyer or will be a first-time flyer soon, I would like to say to you: NEVER drink tap water from the plane bathroom," Bedding said.

"Many studies have shown it's not sanitary for drinking. You may have seen the sign already as most planes have it by the tap.

"You may have thought it's just a way to get you to buy a drink. But it's actually for your own health. So definitely do not drink tap water on a plane."

Most airports have free water bottle filling stations, so make sure to make use of those if you're planning to rely on your own bottle on the plane.

When it comes to the food, Bedding claimed passengers should 'avoid plane food as much as you can'.

The reason for this, the flight attendant explained, is because the meals contain high quantities of salt 'higher than most ready meals we buy in supermarkets'.

Celina claimed even the tap-water should be avoided.
Getty Stock Photo

The high salt content in meals served on planes comes down to the fact that our senses become less sensitive on planes.

In 2010, a study tested people's sense of taste inside and outside a simulated plane cabin and found that sensitivity to sweet and salty food was reduced by 30 percent while in the cabin.

Bedding continued: "The companies that prepare food for the airlines add much more salt to it in order to have a nice flavour at 40,000 feet."

However, if you've made the mistake of scoffing all your snacks before take-off and you find your stomach rumbling, there are some potential options on board that would be better than others.

"You could choose a salad or fruit salad, for example," Bedding said, adding: "Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after a flight to hydrate yourself."

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