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Flight attendant explains why you should never stand up as soon as the plane lands

Flight attendant explains why you should never stand up as soon as the plane lands

Flight attendant Tommy Cimato has revealed his travel tips on TikTok.

A flight attendant has given a simple explanation as to why you should never stand up as soon as the plane lands.

It is always important to remember plane etiquette when you are in the air.

No one wants your arm hogging the arm rest or your feet poking through the seat.

Now, flight attendant Tommy Cimato, who goes by the username @tommycimato on TikTok, has provided us with some straight-forward travel tips that sound pretty easy to follow.

Watch below:

One tip, that many of us are guilty of, is taking our shoes off during a flight.

While chilling with your socks on isn't too bad, it's walking bare feet that is.

The flight attendant explained: "Do not go barefoot, do not take your shoes off; the floors are filthy.

"I see so many people do this, it is not sanitary, don't do it."

Tommy goes onto say that 'snapping at the flight attendants' is another no go for travellers, and that you should always pay attention to flight attendants when they are doing their safety demonstrations.

"Don't ignore the flight attendants safety demos. In the unlikely event of something happening if you paid attention, you are 80% more likely to survive."

Sounds like pretty solid advice if you ask me.

The flight attendant urged passengers not go barefoot.

Tommy's final travel tip is not to stand up as soon as the plane lands.

Quite simply put, the TikToker says: "Do not get up when the plane lands, it is not safe.

"You wanna make sure you are seated until you are at the gate and the seatbelt sign turns off."

Frequent flyer Stephanie Miller also dubbed the act as the 'absolute worst'.

“There is one thing that people do on the aeroplane that is the absolute worst.

"And the first thing everyone does is stand up.

“I’m sorry but if you stand up and you realise everyone else is just standing there and the lines are going nowhere for 15 minutes, sit back down.”

TikToker Mikayla recently divided the crowd when she took to the platform to share her pet plane peeve as she flew from Boston to Florida.

"Since when did airplane etiquette of getting off the plane row by row end?" she wrote in her caption.

The short clip sees her remain seated while fellow passengers rush off the plane.

A line of people are seen queuing to get out of the aircraft, while Mikayla and her travel companion look less than impressed.

A passenger has sparked a fierce debate about ‘plane etiquette’ after questioning why people rush to exit the aircraft.

The video, which has been viewed over two million times, has sparked a debate on whether 'row by row' is the way to go.

One viewer disagreed with the TikToker, writing: "I’ve been traveling 20+ years and I’ve never seen people do row by row."

Others were on Mikayla's side, as one person wrote: "My biggest pet peeve," while a second added: "I experienced the same thing recently and I wasn't in the aisle so there was nothing I could do but wait for the aisle seat person to go."

Featured Image Credit: @tommycimato/TikTok/pexels

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