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Female solo traveller says she felt unsafe in four cities

Female solo traveller says she felt unsafe in four cities

She opened up on her experience in each city

Travelling is a great way to see the world, experience new cultures and broaden your horizons.

However, with that said, any globetrotters out there still have to keep their wits about them when exploring the world to ensure they get the most out of the experience.

One female solo traveller has since opened up on her experiences traversing the globe on her tod and has shared the four cities she personally felt unsafe in. Have a look:

The woman, who goes by Chloe Jade Travels online, took to TikTok to share with her 305.7k followers the reasons why she didn't feel totally comfortable in the four specific cities around the world.

The photographer and social media influencer is clearly an accomplished traveller who has impressively ticked off more than 80 counties and doesn't seem to have plans of stopping any time soon.

While she clearly loves meeting new people and visiting new places, Chloe does have some reservations on a handful of tourist hotspot cities.

Keep in mind these opinions are based on Chloe's own personal experiences and do not necessarily reflect the city or its safety as a whole.

Chloe began the rundown telling viewers she was initially 'hesitant' to make the video but did so because 'a lot of people requested it'.

"So, we'll talk about a few specific situations that happened to me over the years," she went on.

Up first on the list is the city of love - Paris.

Chloe Jade Travels recalled an 'uncomfortable' experience she had in Paris, France.

Chloe explained: "I've been to Paris about six times over the course of my life.

"The very first time I met up with a local, it was very obvious we had different intentions."

Chloe, who was 22 at the time, said this man 'basically lured' her and 'forced' her to get a beer with him and then tried to get her to go into 'very dark corner of an alleyway'.

She recalled: "I felt uncomfortable, I told him to eff off and I ran back to my hotel that he had pulled me super far away from.

"I passed out as soon as I got back. I had cold sweats the whole night and I felt like he definitely put something in my drink."

Next up is Marrakech.

The jet-setter told viewers to 'be aware' in Marrakech, Morocco.

"Now, overall, I loved my trip to Morocco, and I actually enjoyed my time in Marrakech as well," Chloe began.

However, Chloe's friend was travelling with her at the time and 'did not feel super safe on the streets'.

The TikToker explained: "Just how the city is set up. It's a very old city so the walls are very tight together and there's little passageways everywhere.

"Just be aware," Chloe warned, "but overall, I loved my trip to Morocco."

Third on the list is Pattaya in Thailand which Chloe said is known as the 'capital of [sex] tourism'"

Chloe said to 'avoid' Pattaya in Thailand.

"It just feels gross there's so many foreign men that are coming there to, you know, do terrible things and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable," she said.

"Having said that I absolutely love Thailand I would just avoid Pattaya if you can."

And last is Belgrade in Serbia.

Chloe claimed she was met with 'a lot of hostility' in Belgrade, Serbia.

Chloe said: "The moment I entered the country, I was met with a lot of hostility but I kind of understand where that's coming from because there is a war going on right now right next door [in Ukraine]."

The TikToker ended the video telling viewers: "No hate to any of these countries.

"Please don't take this that the entire country unsafe, but just that you should take more caution when you go to these cities."

Chloe concluded: "I hate to say it but as women we do have to be vigilant, especially for women of colour and unfortunately the world decides how they perceive us and treats us how they want to.

"But you should still buy that ticket."

In the video's caption, Chloe noted: "I do wanna stress how important it is to just be vigilant and aware anywhere that you are as any person regardless of gender.

"I also feel lucky that I have not run into more serious issues because I know a lot of women have."

She added: "All of these countries are amazing and you should not stigmatise any of these countries based on my experiences!"

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chloejadetravels

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